Defeating Bonemass, Autobiography Of True Warrior Of Valheim

bonemass in valheim how to beat
Valheim’s Bonemass

What are the recommended weapons and equipment for defeating Bonemass?

Defeating Bonemass in Valheim requires more than just brute force – it also takes strategic planning and good equipment. Here are some recommendations for weapons and equipment that can help you take down this formidable foe:

Firstly, it’s important to be prepared for Bonemass’s poisonous gas attacks. Bring along poison resistance mead or potions, or wear armor with high poison resistance. This will help you avoid taking too much damage from the gas cloud that surrounds Bonemass.

In terms of weapons, Bonemass has a lot of health, so you’ll want to use weapons that deal high damage quickly. Blunt weapons like maces and hammers are particularly effective, such as the Iron Mace, Bronze Mace, or Stagbreaker. Arrows can also be useful for ranged attacks, especially if you use poison arrows to deal damage over time.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of food and healing items to keep your health topped up during the fight. Cooked meat or fish are good options for food, and healing potions or bandages can be used to quickly heal yourself if you take damage.

Other items to consider bringing include a shield to block Bonemass’s attacks, a torch or other light source to help you see through the fog in the Swamp biome, and building materials to create cover or structures to hide behind during the fight.

With the right weapons and equipment, you’ll be well-prepared to take on Bonemass and emerge victorious in Valheim.


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What strategies can be used to avoid or mitigate the effects of Bonemass’s poisonous gas?

  1. Keep moving to avoid being in the gas cloud for too long.
  2. Use Poison Resistance mead or potions, or wear armor with high poison resistance.
  3. Fight outside the gas cloud if possible.
  4. Build walls or barriers to block the gas.
  5. Use ranged attacks, like poison arrows, to deal damage from a distance. Remember to take your time and be patient.


How does Bonemass’s attack pattern differ from other bosses in Valheim?

Bonemass is a tough boss in Valheim with a slow but strong attack and poisonous gas around him. Use poison protection and stay moving to avoid the gas. He has a lot of health, so be patient and attack from afar. Prepare before fighting.

valheim boss Bonemass

What is the best way to approach the fight against Bonemass with a group of players?

Fighting Bonemass in Valheim can be a tough challenge, especially when you’re working with a group of players. But with some smart tactics and careful planning, you can overcome this formidable foe and emerge victorious.

Firstly, you need to assign roles to each player. This means deciding who will take on the primary damage dealing role, who will draw Bonemass away from the poisonous gas cloud, and who will provide support such as healing or buffs. By dividing up responsibilities in this way, you can ensure that everyone is contributing to the fight in a meaningful way.

Clear communication is also essential when fighting Bonemass in a group. Make sure everyone knows the plan of attack, when to attack, when to back off, and when to heal. Use a simple callout system to ensure that everyone is on the same page and able to coordinate their actions effectively.

The best way to defeat Bonemass in Valheim with a group is to plan carefully and work together. To avoid getting caught in the poisonous gas, stay spread out and attack from different directions. When Bonemass summons minions, focus on them without getting distracted by the boss. Use bombs or spells to deal damage to both the boss and the minions at the same time, but make sure to coordinate with your teammates to avoid friendly fire. Be patient because Bonemass has a lot of health, and it can take time to defeat him. Assign roles, communicate clearly, and work together as a team to take down this tough boss. With persistence and good tactics, you can emerge victorious.

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What are some common mistakes players make when fighting Bonemass, and how can they be avoided?

Common mistakes people make when fighting Bonemass include not bringing enough food or healing items and not managing their stamina. When fighting Bonemass, players need to bring plenty of food and healing potions, and use them when their health is low. It is also important to manage your stamina carefully so that you don’t run out of it during the fight.

Another mistake players make is getting too close to Bonemass, which can cause them to get caught in his poisonous gas cloud. To avoid this, players should stay spread out and attack from different angles. When Bonemass spawns minions, it’s important to focus on them without getting distracted by the boss.

What is the most effective way to deal damage to Bonemass?

To beat Bonemass in Valheim:

  • Protect yourself from his poison with potions or food
  • Use big hammers or maces to deal lots of damage
  • Shoot Poison Arrows from far away
  • Hit the bright glowing spots on his body
  • Move around quickly and dodge his attacks
  • Use Frost or Poison to slow him down or weaken him

That’s it! With a bit of practice, you can defeat Bonemass and get the treasure.


What are the rewards for defeating Bonemass, and how can they be used to progress further in the game?

Defeating Bonemass in Valheim provides players with several rewards that can help them progress further in the game.

Firstly, players receive the Bonemass trophy, which can be placed in their base as a decorative item. Additionally, defeating Bonemass grants players access to crafting the Wishbone, which is an important tool for locating buried treasure throughout the game world.

Perhaps most importantly, defeating Bonemass also provides players with the final Swamp Key fragment. Once players have collected all three Swamp Key fragments, they can use them to enter Sunken Crypts, which contain valuable loot, including iron, silver, and gold.

Finally, defeating Bonemass also unlocks the fifth and final Forsaken Power, which is called “Corpse Run”. This power reduces the stamina cost of running while encumbered, making it easier to transport large amounts of items between locations.

Overall, defeating Bonemass is an important milestone in Valheim, providing players with a variety of rewards that can help them progress further in the game, including access to valuable loot, a new crafting recipe, and a powerful Forsaken Power.


How can players prepare for the fight against Bonemass, both in terms of equipment and strategy?


  1. Upgrade armor: Bonemass deals a lot of damage, so it’s important to have upgraded armor with high resistances to poison and physical damage. Black Metal armor is a good option as it provides good protection against both poison and physical damage.
  2. Bring poison resistance potions: Since Bonemass is surrounded by poisonous gas, players should bring plenty of poison resistance potions to avoid taking damage from the gas.
  3. Use blunt weapons: Bonemass is highly resistant to piercing and slashing damage, but is vulnerable to blunt damage. Maces or hammers are good weapon choices for this fight.
  4. Bring plenty of food: Bonemass is a tough opponent, and the fight can last for a while. Players should bring plenty of food to help keep their health and stamina up throughout the fight.


  1. Clear the area: Before summoning Bonemass, clear the surrounding area of enemies and obstacles to give yourself plenty of room to maneuver during the fight.
  2. Build a shelter: Consider building a shelter near the Bonemass altar to protect yourself from the poisonous gas during the fight. Make sure to leave plenty of room to maneuver inside the shelter.
  3. Utilize the terrain: The Swamp biome is full of obstacles like trees and rocks that can be used to your advantage during the fight. Use them to dodge Bonemass’s attacks and gain an advantage.
  4. Work as a team: Bonemass is a tough opponent, and players may need to work together to defeat him. Coordinate your attacks and make sure to communicate throughout the fight.
  5. Focus on the weak points: Bonemass has several weak points on his body, such as the glowing boils on his skin. Focus your attacks on these weak points to deal maximum damage.


Are there any environmental factors in the Swamp biome that players should be aware of when fighting Bonemass?

The Swamp biome where Bonemass is located can be tricky to navigate due to the water, mud, and thick fog. This can make moving around slower and visibility limited. To make it easier, players can build bridges or platforms.

Players will also have to deal with other enemies in the Swamp biome like Draugr, Blobs, and Oozers. These can make it challenging to focus only on Bonemass during the fight. To handle these enemies, players can either defeat them before summoning Bonemass or include them in their overall strategy.

Weather is another factor to consider. Heavy rain can make it even harder to move around, while lightning strikes can be dangerous for both players and structures.

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What are some advanced tactics that experienced players use to defeat Bonemass quickly and efficiently?

Defeating Bonemass in Valheim is hard, but you can do it easier. Here are some tips:

  1. Bring healing stuff: Bonemass can hurt you with its poison gas, so bring berries or cooked meat to keep you healthy.
  2. Use far-away attacks: Bonemass is big and has lots of health. Use a bow or throwing axes to hurt him from far away.
  3. Use fire or spirit stuff: Bonemass is weak to fire and spirit stuff, so use that kind of weapon to do more damage.
  4. Dodge the bad stuff: Bonemass has strong attacks that hurt you a lot. Move out of the way or roll to dodge them.
  5. Hit the weak spots: Bonemass has some spots that hurt him a lot when you hit them. Aim for those spots to hurt him more.

With these tips, you can beat Bonemass and keep going in Valheim!

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