Phenomena Movie 2023 review

The Movie Phenomena is a horror-comedy on Netflix. It’s a about true story of a team that investigates paranormal events. The film has a great cast and has funny intro but it will get darker towards the end. The movie storytelling is watchable but could be improved, if you like Spanish genre movies this definitely something for you.

Meet The Hepta Group

Consisting of three middle-aged women who are known for their expertise in paranormal phenomena exploration. They are viewable as people in strength, no-bs big personas who take their work with honor and a sense of duty.

The real Hepta Group that was used as inspiration for the movie, is not known outside of the film’s context. The movie has a creative twist on the group’s story but has its facts for inspiration taken from the real paranormal investigation teams and their experiences.

The Phenomena there is our favorite actors! Belén Rueda the well-known Spanish horror actress, Ivan Massagué, Miren Ibarguren, and Lorena López are some of the talented actors cast members.  The movie director’s seat is held by Carlos Theron. They hope to see a sequel to the movie but there have been talks about the sequel, let’s hope they’re true. At the end of the movie, we can also see the real women of the Hepta Group.


Audience options about the movie are different, some criticize the target audience as too wide to help the viewer to set up their own identity for the movie. More criticism is negative, telling that the movie is too difficult a mess to be understood in one story. After all custom, the movie has a positive side that makes the movie big enjoy with the fun performances of the trio of paranormal research. The praise for the energetic performances of the lead actors places the movie somewhere stale.

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