Deathloop Walkthrough: Buckle up for an exceptional trip

Deathloop Walkthrough: Let’s start with an essential point:

Deathloop is today and for one year, exclusive to PS5 and PC (via Steam). Why are we testing it, then? Because it comes from Arkane Lyon, and therefore from a studio now belonging to Microsoft. And for them, the PC is a machine like any other in the Xbox ecosystem. This point is dealt with, let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. What is Deathloop Xbox whose concept has always seemed quite obscure, despite many trailers? Did Arkane manage to release a nugget again? To be honest, after a handful of hours, Deathloop Xbox remained an enigma for me. I was enjoying the game, but many questions remained unanswered. Would I love or hate the sequel? About twenty hours later, and it’s time to deliver my verdict to you. After reading Deathloop Walkthrough Read: Diablo 2 Resurrected Review & Tips

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Let’s start with the basics

In Deathloop, nothing is easy at first. In the “single-player” mode, you play Colt. You wake up on a beach in Blackreef, a bottle in your hand. You no longer know who you are, or what the hell you are doing here. Classic amnesia, so dear to our favorite hobby. Very quickly, a certain Juliana contacts you by radio, asking you to stop your bullshit. It seems your goal is to “break the loop”, even if you have no idea what that means.

After a tutorial that gives us as much information as it asks questions, you will die. It’s nerd, you will agree. But it’s to instantly return to the same beach as before, with the same bottle in hand, and relive the same start of the game. There you are, you are in a new loop. Ah, and you lost everything you could have picked up too, but we’ll come back to that. Quickly, you will understand that your objective is to kill all the “Visionaries”, characters a little disturbed and each possessing a power

Have a smooth start

The start of the game is very interventionist for several hours. And that can be a little scary for the future. You wander around fairly small, open areas with clear objectives and an on-screen marker showing you where to go. You can already search everywhere, and meet some closed areas or solve some simple puzzles. Although very correct, it all seems surprising, and a bit contradictory with the time loop system. But it is a necessary step to lay the foundations for what follows. All the mechanics will thus be exposed little by little, over the first five hours or so.

You are on an island, whose situation is literally reset every day: every morning (or when you die) everything you have done is “undone” and you start from scratch. At least at the beginning. Thus, each day takes place in four periods (morning, noon, afternoon, and evening), and for each one, you can freely visit one of the four zones included in the title. And if this number may seem very low, it is not. Each region is very dense, with passages everywhere and a lot of verticalities. They are also very different depending on the time of day: new areas are accessible, others are blocked, events will occur.

The pleasure of discovery

Deathloop Xbox is ultimately less an FPS than a game of observation and reflection. Let’s get on well: the action part remains very important. Except that this is just a means to a much bigger (and exciting) goal. There are eight Visionaries to kill in a single loop, so in four sections. Except that several of your targets are rarely in the same area at the same time. Let’s be clear: it’s even impossible to kill them all under basic conditions. We will therefore have to understand how to get them to come together in order to achieve your ends. And this is where it gets absolutely awesome.

Because I have already spoken of the regions which differ according to the time of day, various events will also occur there according to the actions that you will have (or not) carried out earlier in the same day! And this, therefore, leads to many possibilities, and just as much research or attempts to be carried out. It could quickly be painful if the level design of the maps was not as good, or if everything had to be redone every time. But the construction is smart enough that this is not the case. Some major actions will have to be redone (kill the Visionaries or force an encounter for example), but you keep all the door codes for example. More than that: all the clues gleaned are kept in a very well-made journal, or in your brain for the best of us.

An exciting lore

I haven’t talked about it yet, but doing a full run usually takes several hours, at least initially. We are not in the chain of runs to infinity, except to want to experiment with a particular point and force a restart. Thus, each attempt is an opportunity to learn more about what is happening on this island, on you, or on your enemies.

The narration is also excellent, whether through a dialogue with Juliana, terminals, documents or even messages superimposed on the walls seeming to come from another “you”. And we have a mad desire to understand everything. Who are we? Who are the Visionaries? What relationship do we have with them? Where does the loop come from? And the powers? We want to know everything. I have noted some inconsistencies, with dialogues where Colt is surprised by information when he is supposed to already know, but it remains extremely rare.

Sherlock Holmes is in the place

Beyond the well-marked main quest, I no longer count the side intrigues on which I came across while searching for clues. And sometimes you have to get your brain to work and observe the environment well to solve everything. We are thus almost in a game of investigation: during your peregrinations, you will come across a certain number of textual or visual clues, devices or other small details that will attract your attention.

It’s up to you then to pull the wires to find out how to “solve” the puzzles. There is something simple like this closed-door which requires four batteries to be opened, batteries found in the level. Or more complicated, like several visual clues next to a chest, searching all over the level, then analyzed to decipher the codes … Beyond even loot-based rewards, nothing but the resolution is generally a pleasure in itself.

Rewards like it’s raining

But since we are talking about rewards, what are they? You have fixed equipment consisting of a power to die three times before resetting the loop, a machete or a multifunction grenade (classic grenade, proximity mine, or laser mine). In addition, there are up to three weapons, upgradeable via “charms” (reduction of recoil, rapid reloading, etc.) and two additional powers. These are also modifiable, but I’ll let you discover for what effects. More games news. See new blog post. 


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