How to Get Oak seeds in Valheim

Oak Seed Valheim Guide

If you want to get an edge on your competition in the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Valheim, you’ll need access to some rare and special items that only drop off monsters deep in the dungeons. One of these items is the Oak Seed, which can be farmed by more experienced players so that you can use it to grow your own tree from scratch and then harvest it for valuable wood used in crafting weapons and armor.

oak seed valheim

How do Oak seeds benefit in game?

Oak seeds are a valuable resource in the video game Valheim. They can be used to create new buildings and structures, as well as to upgrade existing ones. They are also crucial in many of the game’s crafting recipes. Crafting recipes can make your life easier by giving you access to better gear and weapons at an earlier stage in the game. You might even find yourself taking up the role of a blacksmith, which will provide you with another source of income. Whether you’re looking for battle tactics or making some extra money on the side, oak seeds have something for everyone. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that Oak seeds are so sought after in the game Valheim.

How to Get Oak seeds in Valheim?

There are a few ways to get oak seeds in Valheim. Here are some ways experienced gamers can get their hands on these beneficial oak seeds:

Meadows biome

One great and highest quality place to find oak trees is in meadows located around the edges of each map. However, you’ll need to be on a certain game level 10 for them to spawn for you. They’re also quite far from civilization, so it might be hard if you don’t have a fast horse or access to teleportation or portals. But if you’re willing to go out of your way, then this is your best bet!

Looting oak trees

If you’re not a fan of hunting, you can also simply loot already-fallen oak trees. This is not a reliable way to get them, as they don’t always drop every time. It’s only recommended if you need some oak seeds for personal use rather than reselling. In addition, there’s no guarantee that an oak tree will be near any location that has fallen trees. You may have to walk miles just to find one. Be prepared to bring plenty of food, water, medicine, and other supplies.

Buying them off players

The fastest way to get oak seeds is to simply buy them off other players, which will probably be your best bet if you plan to resell them. However, as you’ll need a lot of oak seeds for a successful farm, you may have to sell or trade for other materials before getting enough oak seeds for your own use. Remember that prices vary depending on how much supply is available, how many people want oak seeds, and how popular they are.

Destroying beehives

You can also get oak seeds from beehives, often found at oak tree locations. The downside is that these locations can be infested by bees. If you want to farm these, you’ll need a lot of food, medicine, and fast reflexes to avoid getting stung. Alternatively, keep an eye out for players killing bees near trees—and offer to pay them for any unused oak seeds they have!

Opening up treasure chests

Another option is to check loot locations, such as treasure chests. This can be very hit or miss, but there’s also a chance that someone else will have already looted it. There’s also no guarantee that oak seeds will drop from these boxes or any other mob in your vicinity. You may need to walk for miles to find a treasure chest containing oak seeds, but if you’re willing to do so, it may be worth your time! Just remember to pack some essentials like food, water, and medical items.

Trading goods for goods

Another alternative is to barter oak seeds. Of course, this requires making trades to get the amount of oak seeds you need. Start trading goods with other players and see what they have that interests you. As long as both parties agree on terms, you should be able to acquire some valuable oak seeds without too much hassle!

The best way to grow an Oak Tree

After gathering your oak seeds, it’s essential to plant them to start growing your own oak tree. To grow an oak seed, the players must first select a spot on the ground where they want to plant it. Ensure the spot is in a safe area with lots of space because oak trees cannot be cut down once planted! Once planted, players must wait for about two days (24 hours) until the oak tree matures and starts producing leaves. Once it does, the player can harvest the leaves and replant more seeds. Every 24 hours without harvesting leaves decreases production by 50%. If the player waits too long, the oak tree will stop producing leaves.

Final Thoughts

Oak seeds are a valuable resource in Valheim that can give you a leg up on your competition. Make sure to collect as many as possible and use them wisely to get ahead in the game. With a little bit of planning, you can use oak seeds to your advantage and come out victorious. First, ensure you have enough supplies, so you don’t need to craft new ones when it’s too late. Second, ensure not to waste oak seeds when they’re in low supply – save them for when there’s more than enough wood around for crafting. Finally, be mindful of where and how often you craft: Craft where there is a steady supply of wood so that nothing is wasted or lost.

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