How to get Valheim wolf fang and where to use it?

Valheim wolf fang

If you’re into survival games, monster killing, base building, and playing in a Viking-themed gameplay setting, then you’re familiar with Valheim. This game features an open world with beautiful vast lands to explore but home to many dangerous enemies and creatures you need to conquer.

It would help if you had various tools to survive in Valheim. One of the crucial tools you must have is the Wolf Fang. Having a Valheim Wolf Fang proves that you’re an apex predator among Valheim’s wildlife and helps you upgrade some of the other tools you need.

Players need as many Valheim Wolf Fangs as possible to survive. Getting Wolf Fangs proves to be a challenging task. Continue reading to learn more about the Valheim game and tips for farming Wolf Fang.

wolf feng valheim

What Is Valheim?

Valheim is a sandbox survival game inspired by Viking mythology. It was launched in early February 2021 for PCs via Steam by a Swedish game developer, Iron Gate Studio. The game was first released on Steam for Mac OS and Windows users but will be available on game consoles such as the Xbox series from 2023. Since its release, it has quickly become a gamers’ favorite and now sits at the “overwhelmingly positive” Steam rating with nearly 13,000 reviews.

You can play the game alone or with up to ten friends through dedicated servers. Both options provide similar experiences, but it’s more fun while playing as a group. Its gameplay starts with a simple and vast meadow, as you learn how to build simple shelters and hunt animals. You can also learn to craft a club, punching little stone golems, as you proceed to make your settlement.

Valheim offers a clear line of progression, with every step opening up to a newer level. Players level up by performing specific skills or engaging in wars with enemies or creatures. Players can only get up to level 100. Previously, players could level up by smashing rocks and trees, providing an easy way to level up, but this has changed with the recent Hearth and Home update that has scrapped this way of leveling up.

Should I Pay to Play Valheim?

Valheim does not have loot boxes, in-game spending chances, or other microtransactions. Players only have to pay $19.99 to purchase the game and enjoy free gameplay throughout its levels. It brings a whole new experience of free-to-play games, contrary to the existing in-game purchase games. However, despite being a free-to-play game, Valheim has basic graphics to make it reach out to a broader audience.

In-game purchases have been significantly criticized for undermining cheat codes. Players can use various command cheats to gain abilities in Valheim. Therefore, if the game was entirely free, it’s more likely that these codes wouldn’t be readily available to players.

There are high chances that Iron Gate Studios will not introduce in-game purchases in future releases. Players are already accustomed to its non-in-game purchase stance unless they introduce exciting features that would convince players to purchase in their future releases. It’s early to assume that there will be no in-game purchases, but maybe they may introduce this in their 2023 versions meant to be played on consoles.

What is Valheim Wolf Fang?

Valheim Wolf Fang is one of the most critical items Valheim players should have. Players need the Valheim Wolf Fangs to craft Wolf Armor legs and Fang Spears. A Wolf Armor Leg is an armor piece used to create a complete fifth-tier Wolf Armor. The Fang spear is the fourth spear that players use for melee attacks. When used in secondary attacks, players can create 1.5x damage on the enemy.

Players retrieve Valheim Wolf Fang by killing Wolves and Fenrings. Fenrings are large, brown werewolf-like creatures found in the Mountain biomes. They are characterized by a loud, distinct howl different from a wolf. They can be more dangerous than Wolves.

On the other hand, Wolves are large wild dogs found in the Mountain biomes. They usually travel in packs of four.

How Do You Farm Wolf Fang In Valheim

Getting Valheim Wolf Fangs is a tedious process. You either hunt and kill wolves or domesticate and collect them from your farm.

Hunting Wolves to Collect Valheim Wolf Fang

If you choose to hunt wolves and retrieve their fangs, you should go to the Mountain biomes, and they’ll most likely appear at the center of the biomes. You can go to the larger Mountains, but you will put yourself at risk of Drake and Fenrings’ attack.

Ensure that you have a Lox Cape or Wolf Fur Cape to enter the Mountain biomes to survive its freezing temperature. You should also bring your shield to kill them or evade their attacks. You can use a bow to take out a wolf in its pack, but one may eventually get you and attack you if you’re not keen enough. This makes hunting and killing wolves for Valheim Wolf Fangs a dangerous expedition.

Farming Wolves for their Wolf Fangs

This is the easiest and less dangerous way to get your Valheim Wolf Fangs. All you have to do is leave Raw Meat or Sausages in one of the Mountain biomes areas, where they will gather and start to breed. Allow their pups to grow into wolves and continue breeding until you have enough fully-grown wolves.

Once you’ve raised enough wolves, kill as many as you can to collect your Valheim Wolf Fangs. However, leave some to continue breeding for your future collection. This may seem vicious, but it’s safer than the risky wolf-hunting process.

Wrap Up

Valheim is an exciting and unpredictable game, providing players with an endless adventure. Players need various tools to craft weapons for their survival. If you need Valheim Wolf Fangs, it’s much easier and safer if you farm wolves and create your supply by killing them. Remember to retain some mature wolves to sustain your Valheim Wolf Fang supply. You need the Wolf Fangs for other game objectives. All the best as you farm Valheim Wolf Fangs to make your Valheim gameplay more adventurous.

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