Valheim How to Get Bone Fragments

At the start of the Valheim game, players only have access to two of the armor sets: the Cloth Set and the Leather Set. In order to level the Leather Set, players are wondering where to find Bone Fragments in Valheim.

How to Get Bone Fragments in Valheim

As the name suggests, Bone Shards are pieces of bone found around the Valheim map. They can only be found in two main locations: Graves and as Skeleton Drops. Skeletons can be found in both the Swamp and Black Forest biome. But there are also better ways to get these bone fragments.

What are bone fragments used for?

Bone Fragments in Valheim are used to craft and upgrade several weapons and pieces of armor. Bone fragments are needed for:

  • Make a deerskin cape
  • Make a troll skin cape
  • Craft a Troll Leather Helmet
  • Upgrading a Club
  • Leather Pants Upgrade
  • Upgrade a Leather Tunic
  • Upgrade a Stagbreaker
  • Improved all parts of the troll armor set in Valheim

Where to find bone fragments?

The graveyard in the starting area of Valheim’s Meadows is a safer place to search for bone fragments. Once you defeat Eikthyr, you can craft a wooden pickaxe to not only mine ore, but also dig into the ground. This will allow you to dig up graveyards in Meadows to search for human bones. Burial Grounds are boat-shaped burial areas in the meadows, denoted by large boulders in the shape of a boat-shaped oval (image above).

Digging inside will reveal valuable items that you can sell to the trader in Valheim when you find him, arrows, feathers, and other materials. Usually, the bones lie quite close to the surface.

Find the Black Forest Bone Fragments

Once you have better gear and are ready to take on the Dark Forest, there are many more places filled with bones that you can take. The small Burial Chambers caves are guarded by skeletons, filled with skeletons, and have bone fragments strewn inside.

You can also find small piles of bone fragments around the Troll Caves, which are found in the Black Forest and look a lot like burial chambers. However, they are taller and rounder than the burial chambers and they contain trolls, which are very dangerous enemies.

Players looking to build a Bone Tower Shield have already mastered building a Workbench, but let’s assume this is the first time a given player has opened the game. Building a Workbench is key to success in Valheim. Much like the Crafting Table in Minecraft, the Workbench is required to produce virtually anything worthwhile and players will need to familiarize themselves with the Workbench and its applicable upgrades if they wish to survive the harsh lands of Valheim. .

To build a workbench, players will need to gather the following materials:

  • Wood x 10

That’s all we can say about it. Dropping a workbench will only cost players a paltry 10 wood, which can be collected as soon as they drop into a new world. Smaller trees will drop wood when “punched” and larger trees can be felled with a stone ax. Players can even deconstruct shelters, chests, and other items to snag wood. It’s important to note that building the Bone Tower Shield for the first time requires the workbench to be level 3, so players will need to level it multiple times.

How to Find the Materials for the Bone Tower Shield

To assemble the Bone Tower Shield, players will need to be near a workbench with the following list of items:

  • Skeleton Trophy x 3
  • Fragments do x 10
  • Wood x 10
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Since the Bone Tower Shield is only the second shield players will craft, most of these items can be relatively simple to obtain. Wood has been described above and comes from virtually everywhere when players first begin their journey. Here’s where to find the other items on the list:

Fragments do

The easiest way to grab Bone Fragments early in the game is to locate some of the Stone Tombs or Viking Graveyards scattered around the Meadows biome. Mining these points of interest will usually reward players with Bone Fragments.

Those looking to amass a bunch of shards faster can opt for combat. Hidden in the Meadows biome (very rare) and Black Forest are “dungeon-like” areas called burial chambers. Inside, players will face skeletons and enemies called Rancid Remains (an enhanced skeleton-like mob). These creatures will both drop Bone Fragments. Those brave enough can usually steal some from the Troll Caves, also located in the Black Forest.

Skeleton Trophy

This is the hardest item to snag on the roster, and how long it takes will depend on the player’s luck. These items also come from Skeletons hiding in Burial Chambers, which is why it’s smarter for most players to kill two birds with one stone by farming these areas for the Bone Fragments they need.

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The Skeleton Trophy has a 10 percent drop rate, which means it wouldn’t take any time at all, or a bit of grinding, to amass the three needed for the base version of the Bone Tower Shield. Players should note that the Skeleton Trophy only drops from Skeletons, and enemies in Rancid Remains drop their own unique trophy.

How to Craft and Upgrade the Bone Tower Shield

Getting the materials is the hardest part, the actual crafting is easy as pie. To assemble the Bone Tower Shield, players simply need to have the appropriate materials and be near a workbench. Once they do, they’ll have a handy (and stylish) tower shield that can help block enemy attacks. Shields are incredibly useful for characters who prefer to be close to their enemies.

Upgrading the Bone Tower Shield is quite simple and can be done twice, but requires additional Workbench levels to get better quality. Here is an overview of everything needed to improve the quality of the Bone Tower Shield:

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