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Diablo 2 remake review Resurrected

Once upon a time in 2000. In this year ending the second millennium, the second Star Wars trilogy had barely made its debut in cinema. But concerning video games, we are in the era of D2, the small name of Diablo 2 Resurrected. While everyone was afraid of the famous bug of the year 2000, this game was like a revolution in the gaming world. To this day, he is still adored by his fans. That’s why many gamers have been eagerly awaiting the return of their fetish console license. After the Diablo 2 remake review read: Tomb Raider Relics Wiki Guide

This beautiful devilish license made the Blizzard bubble fly to the top and made it evolve as a stronghold of video games. But since then, the years have passed and American society is chasing its former glory. Until the development of Diablo 4 is completed, In This Particular Post You Guys Get The complete Diablo 2 Resurrected Review

diablo 2 remake review

Diablo 2 Resurrected

For those new to the game, Diablo 2 follows directly from the first part of the license. At the end of the first installment, the Lord of Terror, Diablo, is wiped out in the catacombs of Tristram Cathedral. Your hero sets out in pursuit of the ranger who ended the days of the demonic lord. Since his victory, we can not say that all is well. The ranger, the hero of Diablo 1, seems possessed by demons and there are rumors that Diablo is back. In short, the world needs you to be delivered from evil. Amen. Diablo 2 Resurrected release date


You start your adventure in a rather rustic camp. You discuss with the people around and quickly, a simple quest is entrusted to you: destroy all the monsters present in the cave of the forest, close to the camp. This first quest will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game.

Unfortunately for you, you will not be entitled to a nice tutorial. You will have to learn on your own. Such was the hard life of a player in the year 2000.

If you’re unfamiliar with Diablo, it’s simple, it’s the game that started the Hack’n slash genre. You will therefore have to kill hordes of monsters and gain experience as well as items to improve your character. Your character, by the way, let’s talk about it!

When creating your game, you will have to choose from the 7 available classes: Barbarian, Assassin, Paladin, Witch, Druid, Necromancer, and Amazon. Each class brings its peculiarities and skills. If you don’t want to take the lead too much, take the barbarian. After the Diablo 2 remake review see the editors’ pick: Best Shooter 2021

He doesn’t think too much but hits hard. The assassin strikes in the shadows and is agile. The paladin, armed with his sword and shield, will try to spread the good word.

The witch will cast fire, lightning, and ice spells against demons. The druid will use the strength of the forest and his companion bear to stomp his enemies. The necromancer will bring the dead back to life to create an army. Finally, the Amazon will use her bow and arrows to pierce the monsters.


So you may have understood, that the class you choose will radically change the way you play. And for each class, you have access to a skill tree that you can specialize in as you wish.


The more monsters you kill, the more your experience bar increases, until you level up. This new level will give you points to be awarded in classic role-playing attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Energy. But you will also have points to assign in your skill tree. It’s up to you to choose the skills that best suit the way you play.



The Resurrected version is intended to be a tribute to the original version while bringing improvements. First of all, what is obvious are the graphics improvements. And it is all the more obvious when one goes from the old graphics to the new ones. Because yes, as in any good remaster that respects itself, we can go from the original version to the modern version very easily in full play. While the graphics of the year 2000 offer us a mush of pixels in which we can still distinguish characters and monsters, the 2021 version offers us a 3D of good quality and very smooth graphics. The lights, the shadows, everything is much clearer today! So much so that we appreciate from time to time returning to the original graphics to better see the work accomplished. After Diablo 2 remake review: Saint Row 2 Codes to Try


Since we are talking about graphic improvement, we are obliged to also mention the cutscenes that have been reworked. There too, an update took place for our greatest pleasure.

But that’s not all. The music has also been modernized, making it all cohesive. Sometimes you wonder if the game dates back to 2000 until you play around a bit.


To keep the original material, the gameplay has changed very little. We are always on Hack’n slash with loot and the rise of experience. We go through the different quests by advancing our character. But some problems of the time persist today. Our inventory is still small. This requires us either to go back and forth to empty our loot by selling it keeping it in a safe or regularly throwing away items that do not interest us. On the other hand, the automatic recovery of gold coins has arrived with the Diablo 2 Resurrected version. So you no longer need to manually collect every piece of gold on the battlefield. And that is rather appreciable.

The original game does not offer a proper tutorial. Or, instead, consider the first quest to be a tutorial. We are let loose in the monster pit without any help or advice. It’s up to us to manage! And yes, life was tough in 2000. Fortunately, there is a little help hiding in the menu to give you control of the game. And there are a lot of them! Indeed, your character can have a very large number of skills so all the keys are requested, without the possibility of changing them. – Diablo 2 Resurrected release date

Another legacy of the original game, the scrolls is still present. Whether they are to automatically return to town or to identify an object, you will need them in very large numbers. We find it a shame to have a parchment to get back to the camp, especially if you are far from it. Because if you don’t have any more, you will have to go back in the opposite direction. So some will be happy to find this original mechanism, but others may not.

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The map is always present in transparency. You can stop displaying it but on the other hand, it is impossible to enlarge it. In short, there was a great job done, but we would have liked to have had more.

Finally, the last question we are entitled to ask is: “If we have played Diablo 3, is it useful to play Diablo 2?” “. Well, the answer to this question seems to be no because Diablo 3 is finally a version containing a whole bunch of improvements that the previous opus does not have. On the other hand, if you want to discover the Diablo license or you are nostalgic, then this will be rather a big yes.


Like any port of a PC game on a console, the question of adaptation to the controller arises. Does Diablo 2 play correctly on the controller? The answer is necessarily yes. Diablo 3 already exists on the Nintendo Switch, so it would have been amazing if the answer was different. And yet, it is not an easy task because there are so many skills to activate. But after a little adaptation time, you get used to it quite easily.

In addition, the game runs very well on the small Nintendo console. And yet, many enemies can appear. We even tried to push the Switch to its limits by using the Necromancer and spawning lots of skeletons but nothing helped. It continues to turn. So of course, we are talking about a game dating from 2000, and you will therefore say “Well that’s normal! », But it should still be noted.

To qualify these remarks a little, there are small bugs from time to time, especially on the main menu. Characters already created are not always displayed. For them to appear, we have to start creating a character and then, if we cancel and return to the main menu, we can select our previous characters again. We hope that these kinds of little bugs will be fixed quickly in the future.

What is Diablo 2: Resurrected’s release date?

The Diablo 2 Resurrected release date is September 23, 2021.

7 things to know before playing

Diablo 2 remake


With Diablo 2: Resurrected, gamers on consoles can enjoy the action RPG for the first time. There aren’t many changes, but so much information about the game has accumulated in two decades that it can be difficult, especially for new players, to get started well. We’ll help you so that your first steps in the classic don’t get too diabolical.

1. The game is 21 years old and you will notice that

You should be aware of how old Diablo 2 is now. In times of numerous remakes, that seems trivial. But in contrast to many other new editions in recent years, nothing fundamentally changed in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Even the new graphics are only placed over the old gaming framework from 2000.
Therefore, you will have to adjust too many aspects that are out of date by today’s standards, such as in Path of Exile or Diablo 3. For example, you can easily kill your character, constantly struggle with the limited inventory, or have to find your corpse after the death of the character. If you approach this with the wrong expectation, it can quickly become frustrating.

2. Focus your talents

If you teach your character new talents as you level up, you should carefully consider the direction in which you want to develop. Diablo 2 punishes you in the third act at the latest if you distribute your talent points too widely.
Invest early! Skills build on one another and reinforce one another. So try to use these synergies and give all talents who reinforce each other the full 20 points. Otherwise, you will fall behind with the damage too quickly. One example is the magician’s ice bolt – if you set skill points here, you will also strengthen the much more powerful spell Frost sphere.

3. Energy doesn’t make sense

The energy status value is often a trap for new players. It increases your mana and seems like the obvious choice when playing classes like the Druid, Mage, or Necromancer. But unfortunately, you will only benefit halfway from the value at the beginning of the game if you still have limited mana reserves available.
However, this is quickly offset by gems, equipment, allies, and rune words that provide you with almost infinite mana. Therefore, it is better to set so many points in strength and dexterity that you can wear any equipment and set the remaining points in vitality. After Diablo 2 remake review see the editors’ pick: Crypto Gaming, is it happening? Shiba Inu Coin is taking steps to join gaming.

4. Redistribute talent and values

If you have the feeling that your build is not working, you still have a chance to reassign talents and status values. After the quest Cave of Evil in the first act of the game, you have the opportunity to reset your character in Ankara.
This only works once per level of difficulty, which is why you should think twice about it. Later you can create an item with which the same thing is possible. For this, however, you have to farm individual parts from strong bosses, for which you already need a good build. So only use reassignment if you are sure.

5. Find the teleporters

In each act, you will find several teleporters. You should not miss these, as they save you long walking distances. You can find out where they are in the city of the respective act. If you activate the teleport field there, you will see all the points that you have activated or are missing.

6. Be prepared to die

Death in Diablo 2 can be very annoying. If your character blesses the temporal, then you will stand naked in the capital of the respective act. To get your equipment and gold back, you have to go back to your corpse.

Depending on the activated teleporters, you will have to run for a while and avoid all the monsters that you have left standing. Therefore, you should always set up a city portal in new areas. So when you die, you can rush straight through the portal back to the current area and save yourself a lot of leg work.
If you do not see a chance to reach your corpse, however, then end the current game and return to the character screen. Enter the game again and your corpse is right in the capital. By doing this, however, you will lose all the gold that you had in your pockets. So be sure to stick to the next tip. After reading the Diablo 2 remake review, See editor pick:  Ace Of Race 2nd Season

7. Store your gold

With the loss of your gold after death, you have a problem. Because you can neither revive your companion nor buy new healing potions if you need them for the boss who just killed you. Therefore, you should always store any gold in the loot chest and only take it out when needed.

Diablo 2 Resurrected survival tips

Diablo 2 new version updates

Diablo II: Resurrected is the revamped, remastered version of Diablo II, with many seeing it as the best, better version of the game. The ability to go back and re-enjoy this amazing game is extraordinary, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this incredible title. If you want to make your game experience even better, all you have to do is check these tips out, as they might come in handy. See in the Blizzard Store After Reading The Diablo 2 remake review.

1. Create a plan for your class and stick to it

The truth is that in Diablo II: Resurrected you have lots of classes to go for. But you can’t just try to do it all, be a great mage, a ranged character, and a melee one too. You have to stick to a certain build and not waste any points. Those points you waste would make you even better. Centering around a single skill like the Blessed Hammer for paladins is an important thing to consider, and that’s something to keep in mind here.

2. Get your Identify and Town Portal tomes early on

These are great scrolls, for different reasons. Town Portals are great if you want to sell loot and buy new stuff, while the Identification scrolls/tomes are great for identifying items that you find along the way. Some of these can be incredibly powerful, so it makes a lot of sense to check them out.

3. Always watch the stamina levels

Diablo II: Resurrected sticks to the old stamina level, where you can run out of energy. That’s why you want to have stamina potions with you if possible. These can help you quite a bit since you can ensure you are not losing any energy and you can win a lot quicker.

Make sure that you kill enemies who resurrect allies first
The reason you want to do that is that you will kill enemies in vain if others can revive them. This becomes a problem, especially towards the mid and end game since these resurrection masters can become quite the issue. After Diablo 2 remake review: Hollow  Knight Progression guide

4. Hire mercenaries

These mercenaries have specific skills, they can be rogues, necromancers, and so on. You do want to figure out which approach suits your play style. That can make the experience even better, so try to keep that in mind as much as possible for the best results and experience. Read articles for gamers.

Sum up

The Diablo II: Resurrected release date was September 23rd, 2021, and since then we’ve been able to play the game and experiment with all kinds of builds. It’s very exciting and a lot of fun to try out these incredible ideas and push the experience to new heights. It’s amazing to see just how much players experiment with builds and characters. Use these survival tips and make the most out of them if you want to improve the way you play. It will be a whole lot of fun experimenting and trying out ways to survive, so give these ideas a shot and see what works for you! More games news.


Overall, Diablo 2 Resurrected looks to be a great remaster of a beloved classic game. It will feature updated visuals, improved audio, and various gameplay updates that should make it a great game for both old and new fans alike.

Has there been new updates? Yes, Blizzard Entertainment has released various updates and patches for Diablo 2 Resurrected since it was announced. The most recent patch added new character classes, improved the visuals and audio, and implemented various gameplay improvements. Additionally, the game has also been updated with new content such as new monsters, items, and abilities. Future updates are expected to add even more content and features to the game.

Will there be updates? Yes, Blizzard Entertainment has stated that they will continue to update and patch Diablo 2 Resurrected with new content and features. The game is still in development and future updates are expected to improve and add to the game.


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