Did you miss him? Find the famous prehistoric squirrel, as adorable as it is awkward, in a video game that will take you back to the world of the famous cinematographic saga. Your mission, if you accept it on the unlimited games service of the SFR box: help poor Scrat find a precious object. Guess which …

Let’s start with a little clarification. Because the video games dedicated to the famous heroes of the Blue Sky animation studios are numerous, and the one we want to talk to you about today could, given its somewhat similar title, be confused with The Ice Age: Scrat- venture. A mobile game intended for the little ones, and moreover available on the SFR Kids Récré application … However, because the older ones, too, have the right to have fun, this time it’s on console and now on the SFR box that the famous prehistoric squirrel of the saga invited himself The gameplay, no longer in 2D but in 3D, is not at all the same. Ice Age: The Crazy Adventure of Scrat is truly a game, as its name suggests, of adventure… Let’s go on a completely wacky and addicting quest in the Ice Age!

The objective of the game, you will guess of course, is to help the cute and awkward animal find its precious acorn. Yep, he lost it again. Now the object of all his desires has found himself locked in the heart of an ancient temple of Scranton. But the only way to get in is to first collect four legendary Crystal Acorns, which have been hidden here and there, among other treasures, throughout the so familiar universe of Ice Age.


As you can imagine, the task will not be as simple as it seems… On its way, the adorable but blundering saber-toothed squirrel will encounter many obstacles! While you will have to clear your way by climbing dizzying mountains, jumping over lava, or sliding on ice, with what more is many puzzles to solve along the way, you will also have to face terrible enemies. Creatures ranging from simple insects however less innocent than they seem to ferocious wolves, passing by some formidable prehistoric bosses … Not to mention the incredible catastrophes to which, as hilarious as they are, this poor Scrat goes. have to try to survive! More like this: Angelo Kart Out Of Rails

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