these 7 video game characters would crush everyone in the adventure

These 7 characters would have a great chance of winning the Koh-Lanta adventure game

Koh-Lanta and video games, a winning combo?

Whether or not you follow the famous adventure game, you are no doubt aware every Friday night (and Tuesday this season) of the passion that Koh-Lanta arouses in its millions of fans. The TF1 show enjoys such popularity that Microids, a French video game development studio, is working on a game called Koh-Lanta: Les Aventuriers which will be released on October 14th.

But precisely, let’s talk about video games. The famous adventure game requires a number of qualities and skills to hope to perform well. And it turns out that several video game characters totally meet these criteria. We have therefore listed 7 characters who would excel in Koh-Lanta. Mobile Games: Great 5 Games On Mobile

Characters with various qualities

Overall, Koh-Lanta asks for three things (the three Ss as they say): to be good at sport, at strategy, and socially. Koh-Lanta candidates do not always meet these criteria, without however demerit. This is also the case of potential participants that we will present here, even if some excel in all three areas. Being among the most powerful characters in the video game would not help to win the adventure game in any way. Discover the 7 characters who would be perfect candidates in Koh-Lanta.

n Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Big Boss is introduced to the principles of survival, such as hunting or healing wounds. Needless to say how useful this can be on Koh-Lanta. His intelligence would also be an asset, but his associate side could cost him dearly.

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