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Axie Infinity is arguably the most talked-about game in the blockchain world of gaming. It is similar to the market’s most successful pastime playables such as Pokémon and Tamagotchi. People who play the game can collect, breed, raise, fight along with, and also change their creations with other people in-game to their token-based beings, that carry name-Axis. • After Nft Game Crypto Read: Epic Games is open for Nft Games


These beings can change to a variety of shapes since now there is plenty of options to choose from, 500 distinct body parts available – the concept has currently parts of reptiles and plants, insects, birds, beasts, aquatic plants, and more. The parts are categorized into four independent rarity scales: The common parts, The rare parts, The Ultra-Rare parts, and The Legendary parts. There is an opportunity to create an animal with very rare parts that are worth much more than the rest of the Axis.

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NFT game crypto transferable to real cash

Conceptualizing the game protocol has just introduced another fact; meanwhile, the advantages of Blockchain go beyond the limits of the Finance sector. However, Axie Infinity is designed to highlight different financial elements and make lives expeditious and empowered.

Infinite Possibilities

As one of the best Ethereum earners, Axie Infinity has earned over 6K ETH. Although it is acknowledged as a video game full of fun, it reflects social responsibilities by merely creating employment opportunities and building a vast community. In short, users from worldwide can collect tokens of the Axie Marketplace and use them all over the universe.

Smooth love potions (SLP) in Axie Infinity

Players can accumulate SLPs throughout the game, and that’s how they can basically win. At the time of publication, AXS and SLP are traded on the Binance Exchange. Obviously, a player’s earnings will vary depending on the price of the SLP at the time of the sale. However, it can also be a good thing because if there is a high demand for it, then their income can increase accordingly.

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It is the underlying cryptocurrency system and the financial opportunities that have emerged in its blockchain that have attracted consumers around the world. Think Sky Mavis is a Vietnamese-based company behind Axi Infinity, a financial services company with a game front end. It created its sidechain for Ethereum called Ronin to buy and sell Axi characters in the form of crypto wallets and NFTs.With nearly 2 million daily active players, the game became popular.

According to DappRadar, one character and $ 5.5 billion worth of virtual assets sold in the game’s cryptosystem for $ 819,660 are locked in smart contracts. Sales reached $ 850 million in August and fell to $ 550 million in October. However, according to Cryptoslam, the number of monthly special buyers reached 400,000 in October. One of its tokens, AXS, is worth $ 38 billion. This staggering result is achieved despite the obstacles such as obtaining a crypto wallet, purchasing ether at the cost of roughly 1000 dollars to invest in the purchase of the in-game needed the AXS tokens.• Best Nft Games crypto List

Interesting change in the gaming world

Generally, Axie is a Pokemon-style game where you use Axis with a multitude of abilities to fight other players. But in the Play-to-Earn model, players earn tokens against other players by winning battles with their Axis or selling them on Axi’s Marketplace. These tokens can be sold for fiat money – real cash. But to get the ax, players must buy one on the exchange or raise them from the existing ax. Axes themselves are NFTs or non-fungal tokens – unique digital elements that are verified in the blockchain and controlled by individual users.

But these NFTs are not the only profitable JPEG-linked ownership certificates: they have utility in the game. There is an example of games pushing new technology to the top. Remember when FarmVille helped lock Facebook into the top social network or how mobile games became crucial to the success of the iPhone? In non-crypto games, characters and digital objects are controlled by the game developer. But Axie players control their NFT. And they can buy them from other players, Sky Mavis charges a fee of 4.25%.

Speculation or gambling in crypto gaming

Unlike older models of “attention-based” mobile and online games, developers use psychological tricks to engage players, said Coinfund managing partner David Pacman, who encourages players to play these games. The property can be traded immediately. Another danger is that the fun aspects of the game can be overcome by speculation or gambling.

Larsen said he had seen fake Axi apps and phishing attempts and hoped to reduce them. But he said players are taking higher rewards as well as higher risk potential. An example of the dangers of crypto gaming is the squid token hit on the Netflix show “Squid Game”. Its anonymous creators cheated token buyers out of at least $ 12 million. Users have to play a game to sell tokens. It is unclear how far the game has played in the token’s appeal, but it shows that consumers are pouring their money into a new gaming space where it is not used.

Earning model

The financial benefits of the game are basic to Axi Infinity and those benefits arouse some interest. A certain segment of the user base is playing the game to earn revenue, especially in less affluent areas. About 40% of the game user base is in the Philippines. An attractive feature of Axi’s architecture is that the sports account is separate from the wallet, which means that individuals can borrow their game accounts and lose what is in their wallets.

There is an ecosystem of “scholarships” in which companies called guilds to lend to their axis and deduct 30% to 40% of the profits from the player. The Andresen Horowitz-backed Yield Guild Games are a big guild.

How to Play Axie Infinity

If you are looking for Play to Earn (P2E) video games, then Axie Infinity is designed for you by Sky Mavis. It is a game where players worldwide collect and raise their beloved pets and keep them in a beautiful kingdom. The game works like a Pokemon video game, where players participate in turn-based battles for a championship trophy to prove themselves the world’s best Monster Trainer.

Similarly, you are supposed to hunt, collect, and raise pets of your choice; meanwhile, making your living, because it is an NFT-based video game where nothing is free; however, you have a chance to earn cryptocurrencies like SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) based on Ethereum. Editor Tip: It’s equally important to make sure that NFT game crypto coin price for Anxye is at a good price once sold.

How it Work?

As I mentioned above, there’s nothing available for free, and you need funds to get started. First of all, you should have to buy pets to create your Axie Starter group. Undoubtedly, purchasing pets may put a huge dent in your pocket; therefore, we have compiled a guide to help you get started with a low budget and earn high.

About Axie learning/scholar Programs

If you decide to participate in-game, you must recruit a team of three Axie by merely visiting the Axie Marketplace. Probably, each Axie may cost you up to $200 or more. Therefore, it isn’t easy for everyone to get started. Because of high value, Axie trainers joined each other to launch Axie Lending Program that helps newbies check out this game before knowing for certain that making a purchase is a solid choice.

Moreover, it would help if you kept in mind that Axies weren’t so expensive. I’m saying this on behalf of several players who got hundreds of pets in their startup throughout the game. In contrast, many players have dozens of pets that they don’t use regularly.

Some of the Axie Scholarship

Nowadays, Axie Infinity is ruling over the gaming industry of the Philippines, and lots of players are trying to participate in making their living and gaming careers. Therefore, dozens of programs are released regularly to involve hundreds of players. Before starting, ensure when joining any program for receiving rewards, though several trusted Axie Communities are available.

Some prominent programs are the following:
AISP: Axie Infinity Scholarship Program
Axie Universe Scholarship Program
Axie University Scholarships
Bit Squad PH Axie Scholarship Program
Cat’s & Reillz’s Axie Friends
Generation Axie Scholarship
Loot Squad Axie Scholarship Program

How does Scholarship Work?

Scholarship programs are designed for those players who are willing to earn money without investing a single penny. Lots of players have already created their spear account that they share with newbies after getting them trained.

Players use their credentials to see how the game works; meanwhile, making their living for free, though the accounts remain under the custody of their owners. Note: As I mentioned above, there’s nothing available for free. So, in return for the service, the players behind the scholarship will keep up to 35% of your earning and send the rest to your given address. More about blockchain future in gaming.

Streaming, monetized channels and now Axie Infinity?

Almost two decades ago, people worldwide were played video games for fun, but now the trend has been changed, and players are making money playing their favorite games like PUBG, Minecraft, Free Fire, and more. They usually do streaming on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc., to make their living. With time, earning via streaming is getting odd because newly concept has been introduced in the market in the form of Axie Infinity.

The gaming future is connected with Cryptocurrency because NFT-based video games are making their places in the gaming industry and are getting popular in the Philippines. Although it offers similar gameplay to Pokémon, it is pretty different when it comes to Digital Objects. Players can create their pets or customize the existing using currency hardly earned within the game or purchased from an exchange. Similarly, thousands of players are making thousands of dollars monthly basis by playing Axie Infinity. Final News About NFT Game Crypto Read

How about the gaming industry’s future, will NFT stay?

Indeed, you would be familiar with CryptoCurrency and with the surprising performance of BitCoin. Similarly, the relationship between gaming and crypto can bring your experience to the next level and may change the way people love to earn money. In short, everything gets changed as video games started to allow players to make crypto while playing. However, it could be too early to say what will happen in the future, but the digits show. Axie Infinity is a unique type of game because it uses cryptocurrency. Playing the game, you can earn a handsome amount; however, the game is surrounded by a massive community that holds a stake in two possible currencies.

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