Splinterlands sold out 1.5 million the boosters

Blockchain-based collectible card games are becoming increasingly popular

Recently the blockchain-based collectible card games have started to become more and more popular and splinterlands is one of the first ones who got it right.

Splinterlands actually sold one of the latest boosters via their distinctive Sauvage edition, which comes with 1.5 million packs.

These are NFT packs that will still be allowed on various third-party marketplaces like the Hive Engine or Atomic Center.

However, they will only be there until the Legion of Chaos edition is coming later during the year.

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splinterlands assets value is controlled by the community

The game is seeing a major increase and growth, so it’s important for the players to access the new maps.

These are either found in the limited edition packs, or you will encounter them in the dedicated marketplace inside the game.

Around 150000 of these items still exist, and upon purchase, they are owned by collectors and players alike.

The truth is that it’s hard to maintain a consistent price, so the asset value for the secondary market is going to be controlled by the community. Read: Epic games is open for crypto games.

One of the reasons why the untamed boosters sale followed the NFT lands for the expansion is because people are having fun collecting these items and owning them.

The upcoming expansion is arriving at the end of 2021 and players get to have the unique opportunity to create their own NFT items and spells within the card game.

This will also be followed by the governance token that will govern the asset sales.

This token is named Splintershards and there’s already a whitepaper detailing everything it stands for and the features that it provides.

This will help create a decentralized autonomous organization which will help deliver adequate player governance and a much better experience.

On top of that, there will be a private token sale for promoters, partners, collectors, and players alike.

The process has already started in 2021 mid-July, and it’s accompanied by other things like a new staking system. See SPS token price at dappradar.


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About Splinterlands

Splintershards arrived in 2018 and it was one of the first titles that were using NFTs as in-game assets.

That made it easy for players to trade and own crypto, among others. The game has offered a lot of money in NFT assets and crypto. Visit their site.

There were 60+ million matches, and Splintershards also has more than 600000 transactions. That alone makes it one of the best and most popular blockchain-based games in the entire world!


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