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The event is getting closer, read on to know exact date, details and fast facts about the release of new Halo

Halo Infinite is the sequel to the events of the famous. 343 Industries and Microsoft have reconnected for this episode which could be the last iteration of Halo. This episode has long been awaited under the title of Halo 6, but it is ultimately the nickname ‘ Halo Infinite ‘ that it takes! See details for Halo Infinite for pc release date.

halo infinite for pc release date

Halo Infinite For Pc Release Date:

Halo infinite release for pc is 15. november 2021 and for xbox  is scheduled for December 08, 2021. Long-awaited, this date was finally revealed during Gamescom 2021.

Remember Halo Infinite should have been an Xbox Series X launch video game, but it didn’t. Finally, the date was set for 2021, a “miracle” according to insiders who mention chaotic development.

  • Chaotic indeed: a few days before Gamescom and the announcement of the release date of the game, we learn that the Forge mode and the split-screen mode will not be available at the launch of the game.

News and development around Halo Infinite:


– A few weeks before the release of the last game, Halo 5: Guardians, Frank O’Connor, creative director of the series, declared that the story was already ready for a new episode, and at the same time announced that the ” ten, the next twenty years are already fixed “! The development of Halo 6 in the broad sense, that is to say, the pre-production and everything that follows is officially underway!

Later, on the NeoGaf forum, the same Frank O’Connor (nickname Stinkles ) declared that the game mechanics of Halo 5 would be improved and reworked, but that they would keep the same aspect in the next Halo video game.

– Phil Spencer, boss of XBOX, told him in early 2017 that it would take a long time to have a new FPS Halo. And he knew what he was talking about: absent from E3 2017, Gamescom 2017, PAX … In fact, there was no official announcement that a new Halo title would ever arrive. What Bernie Ross, director of the development studio, put an end to thanks to a tweet … which at the same time announces the support of multi in LAN!

– The conference Microsoft during the E3 2018 has largely emphasized the new episode Halo. No more digital data, we now give the game a name: Halo Infinite. This title had also leaked a few days before … The graphics engine used is brand new and should be used for all Microsoft productions until 2020: the SlipSpace Engine. Halo Infinite Release Date Pc details

It’s sequel to Halo 5

– The conference Microsoft during the E3 2018 has largely emphasized the new episode Halo. No more digital data, we now give the game a name: Halo Infinite. This title had also leaked a few days before … The graphics engine used is brand new and should be used for all Microsoft productions until 2020the SlipSpace Engine.

The developers have clarified that Halo Infinite could well be officially considered Halo 6, given that it will be a direct sequel to the 5th episode.

– A manager of 343 Industries, in March 2019, affirms that this new game is conceived as a ” game as a service “, that is to say with a heavy post-launch follow-up. Thus, the content will be renewed frequently to keep the players’ interest, while bringing new weapons, cards, etc.

– Small wave of departure in the development team at the end of 2019: August 17 sees the game’s creative director, Timothy Longo. One of his colleagues left the ship the following October 15, Mary Olson who was the Lead Producer. Two very important roles are now vacant and do not reassure much about the future of Halo Infinite. Moreover, the turnover continues in October 2020 with the departure of the new chief producer of the game, Chris Lee. Between COVID and Microsoft, which is swinging millions of dollars as an answer to everything, the game seems to be in bad shape and a postponement is not to be ruled out. Halo Infinite for pc release date and for Xbox

Halo Infinite gameplay:

In a long post on the official HaloWaypoint website, we learn that player feedback on Halo 5 has been heard and that Halo Infinite will be focused exclusively on Master ChiefHalo Infinite will thus be a direct sequel to Halo 5.

– Split-screen will be back in Halo Infinite, and LAN multi-local will be supported … but not at launch. Indeed, it will be necessary to wait until 2022 for these mechanics to be really added in Halo.

– During a community stream, 343 Industries confirmed that there will be no battle royale in Halo Infinite. More gaming related news

Halo 6- Infinite’s multiplayer mode will be 100% free for everyone! Moreover, those who prefer the campaign will have something to celebrate: it is announced as being the ” largest and most ambitious ” in the history of Halo.

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