warframe pc the evolution of a free-to-play

warframe pc Claiming 50 million players more than 7 years after its launch, Warframe owes its longevity to its special relationship with its community and its ability to renew itself. Focus on this great success. » After warframe on xbox: Deathloop 

warframe on xbox

Warframe,- One of the best free-to-play since 2013

Part third-person shooter and massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Warframe is one of the best free-to-play games around, despite a 2013 release. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Same Switch since 2018, the nugget of Digital Extremes has already had a good idea to mix two of the styles of play most appreciated by the current generation of gamers (the TPS and the MMORPG). She had also been able to offer a little originality in the world of cooperative games by making it possible to embody a squad of space ninjas on a mission facing enemies always greater in number. If the basic concept of Warframe had something to please, the development studio which worked in particular on real and  BioShock then managed to keep their flagship title alive thanks to the strong relationship established with their players.» After warframe on xbox: Valheim, Best Pc Game of 2021 Big Guide

A possibility to play without spending

Taking many elements of the Dark Sector game developed in the 2000s by Digital Extremes, Warframe has indeed constantly listened to its community since the test of its beta version in 2013. We can for example cite the feedback made on the low diversity of attacks which will be improved from 2014 by the introduction of the more complete combat system “Mêlée 2.0”. But the point that made the community jump the most around the same time was the introduction of microtransactions to improve their Warframe., the special armor worn by the ninja that we embody. Here again, the developers immediately took into account the feedback from the players and returned to the principle of a skill tree that can be unlocked for free over the course of the missions. Even if it is not completely free (the exclusive personalization content and Prime equipment are for example available in the form of a paid package), Warframe is far from free-to-play on which it is impossible to perform without falling into the massive purchase of items. The game allows you to acquire the necessary experience and equipment by simply completing the missions.

Warframe, seamless content

And that’s good because the addition of new missions is also one of the leitmotifs of Warframe . In 7 years, Digital Extremes has already released 6 expansions which is almost a game in their own right as they enrich the content (new planets to discover, the addition of gameplay elements, etc.). If the next planned expansion “The Duviri Paradox” will not be released before 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic, the developers continue to regularly offer new features (characters, missions, armor, customization items, etc.), and sometimes for a limited period to keep fully focused its always very active community. Given the success of the game, its owner Leyou who acquired Digital Extremes in 2016 announced in March that the title would be worked on to be available on the Next-Gen consoles already announced. Suffice to say that the beautiful story of Warframe is not about to end. » After Warframe On Xbox: Diablo Two Remake


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