Mass Effect Andromeda overview and tips

Mass Effect Andromeda

The Mass Effect series has always been regarded as one of the top-tier gaming experiences that you should have. It’s bringing in an extraordinary sci-fi world with a stellar set of characters and an immersive story. With that being said, Mass Effect Andromeda is a game set to give us more of that world, even if it’s just a prequel and it’s set many years in advance.

While many considered it rough around the edges at first, the game did manage to come into its own, and now it manages to stand out as a very interesting, albeit different experience.

Mass Effect Andromeda game bits

When exactly does the MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA takes place?

The game’s action takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy, during the 29th century. This is a time when humanity is trying to expand and reach new worlds. This is a part of a strategy that’s named the Andromeda Initiative.

In this game you are playing Sara or Scott Rider, based on your own choice. With that being said, you start as a very inexperienced recruit and you are joining the Initiative. However, you are waking up in Andromeda after a sleeper journey taking more than 634 years.

Due to various events that take place, you are becoming the Pathfinder for humanity, and you must find a new home for humans while also dealing with a very problematic alien species which is named the Kett. As you do that, you are also uncovering various secrets regarding a synthetic, yet intelligent species that’s called the Remnant.

For the main Mass Effect trilogy, Bioware had a very dark and somber tone. In Mass Effect Andromeda, things are a bit lighter. There are plenty of open-world elements, and there’s a lot of focus on exploring the world and pushing your limits in a very creative and engaging manner. On top of that, the game retains many of the traditional elements, while also trying to innovate and come up with a bunch of creative, yet fun ideas to explore.

How about Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay?

Right off the bat, you will notice that the Mass Effect Andromeda is very similar to the previous game. You still have the action RPG gameplay and third-person perspective that’s identical to the previous game. You are able to adjust the character look and the way the father looks is adjusted automatically too, which is nice.

The interesting thing is that when you begin, you can choose from 6 different character classes. All of them have a variety of skills, and you get free reign to assign skills as you see fit. You are also allowed to build towards a certain specialty in the game if you want. The fact that you are getting free reign and more control is great, and it goes to show the tremendous value and unique benefits that come from this type of experience. On top of that, they do a very good job at bringing you options as you play.

One thing to note is that you can adapt your playstyle, if you invest in biotic skills you can unlock the Adept profile and this will give bonuses if you use that profile. What we like about Mass Effect Andromeda is the fact that you can earn XP from doing missions and killing enemies, but there’s no cap on the number of points.

So if you want to continue playing as you see fit, you can do that. Those XP points can be used to upgrade your skills and unlock new abilities. It’s nice to see that you are not forced to use skills in a certain way. You can reallocate skills if you want. Even if you believe you made any kind of mistake, you can easily remove points from one set of skills and move onward to the next.

Character interaction

It’s nice to see that you can easily connect with other characters in the game. The radial command menu gives you plenty of choices, and you get to show what you think about this experience and the overall results. It’s quite amazing to see how it all comes together and you do have lots of unique options coming into the mix. We particularly like the fact that you can keep it simple or you can make it even more challenging if you want.

For example, you have impulse actions, or you have simpler approaches depending on the situation. Another interesting thing is the fact that you can develop relationships with NPCs. This even includes romantic relationships in some cases. This is a staple for Bioware and it’s definitely something that adds a bit to the experience and gameplay.

With that being said, you can make moral decisions. They do have a bit of an impact on the game, but there aren’t that nuanced and you will find yourself quite impressed with the way everything pays off. It’s just a whole lot of fun, and it all plays into the bigger experience and gameplay mechanics as a whole.

Exploring Andromeda

Within Mass Effect Andromeda you are exploring the Heleus cluster within the Andromeda Galaxy. The way you reach new locations is via selecting the destination via the Tempest. You can easily use the galaxy map and pick the desired location. Within the game you have 5 major planets and more than 12 different hub worlds.

It’s a great idea because you can explore the world in an engaging manner and you are free to play the way you want, with few restrictions overall.
On top of that, once you complete quests, you get Andromeda viability points. These are great since you can wake colonists from hibernation. Planets also have higher viability levels that make it easy for you to build outposts. Of course, these planets are also very dangerous. Actually, each one of them has its own boss that you need to tackle in order to liberate it.

Do keep in mind the fact that as you explore the world, you will be able to enter multiple zones where you can show off your might and take your skills to new heights. They also have a journal you can browse and you can see all the missions. It’s interesting to see that there are planets that come with different hazards and those do factor in very well in the gameplay.

You can also find all kinds of blueprints and these can be used if you want to craft armor and weapons. The crafted items can also be named the way you want. It just makes things easier to manage, while also personalizing the experience! It’s available on pc at a good discount.


Mass Effect Andromeda is bringing real-time gameplay, and you can’t pause to use skills or aim. With that in mind, you do need to take cover, and this happens automatically if there’s any type of cover nearby. That being said, you can use defensive or aggressive strategies, depending on how you choose to play.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda a Video Game Worth Playing?

If you love the Mass Effect universe, then Mass Effect Andromeda- gives you more of the same, with some interesting innovations. The game worlds are very interesting, and the fact that you have so many of them to explore is exciting. That being said, you might encounter some technical glitches and issues, but for the most part it’s a very entertaining and enjoyable game. There is a lot of fun in-game but it’s not mandatory,  for the faster chapter to chapter completion avoid extracurricular activities, the game takes roughly 25-30 hours to finish if you care about the story the most.

Is there tips for Mass Effect Andromeda?

Use your biotic scanner as often as you can. This will help you learn more about the items near you and sometimes you can even find blueprints thanks to it.
Dialog trees can provide a lot of relevant information. Sure, it’s very easy to skip them, but you might be missing out on some really important content if you do so.

Try to stay close to your Nomad. Not only does it give you a mobile cover, but it can be a great refuge if you are overwhelmed too.
Use Forward Stations, these are mini-bases that can help you recall the Nomad and replenish your shields as needed.

Customize your squad set up for different missions. Not all characters are great for every mission, so mixing things up can actually give you a major advantage.
Always try to invest points based on your play style. The fact that you can revamp and adapt things helps a lot because you can easily customize and improve as you go along. That alone can make the experience a whole lot better. Make the most out of terminals and use your resources to craft new armor and weapons. It might help you a whole lot, so try to keep that in mind as much as possible. See more desktop games.

All missions in Andromeda

  • Prologue: Hyperion
  • Planetside
  • Nexus Reunion
  • First Strike
  • A Better Beginning
  • AVP Cryo Deployment Perks
  • A Trail of Hope I
  • A Trail of Hope II
  • Hunting the Archon
  • Elaaden: A New World
  • H-047c: A New World
  • The Journey to Meridian
  • Meridian: The Way Home
  • Epilogue: Home and Away
  • The World is Waiting

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