This is what Thor will look like in God of War Ragnarok and his look is very surprising!

God of War Ragnarok finally had the opportunity to show off recently with a sublime first trailer. On the sidelines of that, Thor’s look has also been unveiled … and it may surprise more than one After opposing the God Baldur in the previous game of 2018, Kratos and his son Atreus will continue their adventures with other obstacles in their path. One of them promises to be particularly imposing since it is none other than Thor, the well-known deity of lightning with the merciless hammer. God Of War Ragnarok Thor Trailer.

god of war ragnarok thor


However, the trailer for God of War Ragnarok, released this Thursday evening during the PlayStation Showcase, did not really see it: it was without counting on the artistic director of the development studio, who sold the wick on Twitter.


A slightly different Thor at God of War Ragnarok

With Marvel comics and, above all, MCU films or video games, we all have the image of a tall, blond, and particularly sculpted Thor. A true Scandinavian model to whom the culture has become totally accustomed: nevertheless, this heroic appearance should not be relied on in this highly anticipated new God of War

It was Raf Grassetti, artistic director at Santa Monica, who posted a first full visual on Twitter. Thor will therefore adopt a very round appearance, sporting red hair and an almost chubby face: surprising as it sounds, this design is actually much closer to the real Thor depicted in Norse mythology.

Greater loyalty to true mythology

The one who will lend his voice to this Thor, the air of nothing, rather badass is none other than Ryan Hurst, known for his role of Opie in the series Sons of Anarchy. Development director Eric Williams also confided in the studio’s vision for this character: “Ryan Hurst and Sony Santa Monica’s point of view on Thor is very different from the Australian you probably know”, the Australian in question being none other than Chris Hemsworth. “He is a tall, broad and hedonistic man a little childish, out of step with the image of Thor that people currently have”, he also clarified God of War Ragnarok does not yet have a specific release date but it will land in 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 . We can’t wait, terribly impatient  Read next Diablo 2 resurrected



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