Top Best games: games everyone was waiting for that

Top games everyone was waiting for that have been missing since their announcement If you calmly wait for these 7 games since their announcement, you are a model of patience. After reading about top waited and canceled video games: Ideal Horror Games to Try at Halloween Evening

canceled video games

Video games like to be desired

Arles girls are not uncommon in the world of video games. Titles like Kingdom Hearts 3 (with its incredibly difficult secret boss ) or Shenmue III, which ultimately turned out to be disappointing for most players, have taken years to finally land on our consoles. But at least they finally came out … There are others who, several years after being presented, are still desperately awaiting. This is the case of these 7 games which have completely disappeared from circulation since their announcement.

Await that can be counted in years, or even more

We know, you will surely have a little pang in your heart when looking at our list if you find some games that you have been waiting for for several years now. But not all are in the same boat. We’re pretty optimistic that we’ll see some coming out in the near future. Others are downright fantasy as their development seems chaotic, for various reasons that we evoke, of course.

Some publishers or manufacturers are also rather well represented in our list. On the other hand, you will not find GTA 6 – which may never be released on Sony consoles – because the title has never been officially announced yet, to the chagrin of fans. Discover now the 7 games announced that have completely disappeared from the radar.

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Valheim is an incredible survival game that took the world by storm in 2021. Despite being in early access, things like the gameplay, being able to play with friends and Valheim bosses all added up to deliver an exceptional, very fun, and exciting experience for all players. Which does make you wonder, how can you battle the Valheim bosses and actually win? This game is very tough, it has its fair share of challenges, yet it’s also fair too.  The Viking After Life Walkthrough and Guide


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