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Have you ever thought that you can play your favorite game on a mobile device and still have an almost as good experience as on a game console or computer? Mobile games are more popular than ever, and in view of this popularity, some PC game developers have also entered the market. As more and more mobile games are released, competition in this field is intensifying every day. The following is a list of the most anticipated games in 2022. ⦁ After best mobile 3d games of 2022: RED FACTION GUERILLA RE-MARS-TERED

best mobile 3d games


1. Age of the Gods: The Glorious Griffin
In recent years, especially games unlicensed online casinos, has become very popular, so this game could be included in the 2022 list of the most anticipated mobile games. Fantastic animation and imaginative style await the player’s mysterious grip in a lair full of treasures-there is also a chance to win the first prize with four possible levels. When all of this is concentrated in an online slot machine, it is easy to understand why this game ranks among the most anticipated games on mobile devices. This slot machine is based on the popular Age of Gods series. The theme of this game is about a journey into the world of Greek mythology. In addition, there are many bonus rounds, free spins, wild and extended symbols. It is worth noting that in addition to games on mobile devices, a large number of players are attracted by online casinos without a Swedish license and Game Break. You can read more information at

2. Brave cell phone

Riot Games announced that their popular first-person shooter game Valorant will be released on mobile platforms, which caused a huge sensation among players. The game is under development and needs time to be released for testing. However, the basic concept of the game will be similar to the PC version, that is, a tactical shooting game with 5 to 5 players, in which one team must put a nail somewhere on the map, and the other team must stop the enemy team this way. A large number of videos have been posted online showing the first game experience of “Valorant Mobile”, but as Riot pointed out, the game is still under development, so it’s hard to believe that these videos are real. At present, there is no outstanding mobile game on the market that represents one type of game: tactical FPS shooting game, so “Valorant Mobile” is a game worth paying attention to. In just one year, “Valiant” has become popular on PC, and the mobile version may become the biggest success ever.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The New State

Following the launch of the popular mobile game PUBG, Krafton is preparing to launch a new game with a similar concept but a better experience, called PUBG: New State. The game takes place in 2051 and has many new features, such as futuristic weapons, drones, and so on. The game is expected to premiere in 2022 and is currently undergoing alpha testing. The player’s first impression is very positive because PUBG: New State has the unique touch of the original PUBG Mobile, with futuristic graphics, smooth mechanics, and more. Currently, there is only one 8×8 map named TROI in the game, but Krafton will add more maps in the future. PUBG: New State is a sequel to the original game, but don’t confuse them: the title is completely different.

4. Apex Legends mobile version

EA is one of the leading game development companies and has released multiple games on all existing platforms. They recently announced that their most popular games will be launched on Android and iOS devices. If you look at the game in the closed beta, it shows excellent graphics, mechanics, etc. Apex Legends Mobile will definitely become an important competitor to many very popular games in this genre. At the same time, developers are actively working to expand the game to other regions and plan to launch it to all players in 2022.

5. Rocket League sweep

The game will be released in early 2022, if you don’t know, it is the mobile version of the famous game “Rocket League” on PC. Although the basic concepts of the two games are the same, Rocket League Sideswipe has been developed from the ground up to fit a smaller screen. The game includes a fast game of about 2 minutes each. Players can compete individually or in groups of two. Compared with the PC version, this game will also have a 2D angle, Psyonix has implemented this angle to make the game smoother on the touch screen, but this does not deny the interesting part of the game, including crazy stunts in the air. Psyonix has conducted closed beta testing of the game in New Zealand and Australia but has not released or developed more information since. 

Summary for best mobile video games of 2022
Thanks to small smartphones and many advanced games, mobile games are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Games on mobile devices are much better than before. Since the new devices are so powerful, they can handle all the mobile games you load. ⦁ After best mobile 3d games of 2022 SFR Game: SHAQ FU: AN OLD SCHOOL SFR GAMING

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