Revolution has never rhyme with demolition so well as in this third remastered installment of the Red Faction saga. A muscular return to Mars available on SFR Gaming When David Bowie sang Life on Mars? , he must have been light years away from imagining the scenario of the Red Faction saga Gaming News: “Edge of Rebirth” a tactical shooting games.


This begins in 2070 when the Earth’s mineral resources have been exhausted. So states and multinationals collide to be in charge of the exploitation of resources on Mars, now colonized. Minors are sent there, but find themselves caught between several conflicts. After a second installment taking place on Earth, Red Faction: Guerilla invites players to return to Mars, about 50 years after the events of the very first game. And in other words, the red planet is still not the most pleasant place. of the galaxy. The hero, Alec Mason (no relation with the judge Perry Mason of the series, well, normally …), must indeed lead a revolution in the face of a terrible dictatorship that is taking place …

For this and for the first time in the Red Faction franchise, the game does not take place in the first-person view. We are therefore leaving the FPS format for a TPS (third-person view, when we see our character on the screen), which suits more players. On the other hand, what does not change is the gameplay, always filled with action, with missions that take place at 100 per hour, and always the possibility of breaking everything. Absolutely everything? Yes, really everything. What better way to get rid of your enemies than to collapse the building they are in? Simple and efficient. A little radical perhaps, but hey, it’s revolution. And you can’t make omelets without breaking eggs, as they say in Top Chef.


On foot or aboard space vehicles, equipped with overpowered weapons or jetpacks, we will therefore have to sow a wind of revolt on the planet which will become even redder, by dint of blood that we spill. The version of Red Faction: Guerilla available on SFR Gaming being the Re-Mars-Tired (we appreciate in passing the search for the word game), it is enriched with all the DLC, including the multiplayer pack, and the bonus adventure Demons of the Badlands. In short, if you like to break everything, Red Faction: Guerilla is the video game hammer for you. Read On: Take-Two ready to draw three GTA remasters for the end of the 2021?

Story and Gameplay:

Players assume the role of Alec Mason, a mining engineer who becomes involved in the Red Faction resistance movement on Mars.
The story primarily serves as a backdrop for wanton destruction and lacks depth in character development and narrative progression.
The game’s focus on facilitating destruction through a completely destructible world remains a satisfying aspect of the gameplay.

Pros and Cons:

Satisfying destruction mechanics and completely destructible world.
Engaging gameplay that allows players to rebel against the oppressive Earth Defense Force.

Limp characters and storytelling, with a lack of memorable personalities.
Open world design may feel outdated compared to modern standards.


Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered presents a remastered version of the original game, offering a satisfying and enjoyable experience primarily focused on destruction and rebellion against the Earth Defense Force. However, its story and open world design may feel outdated compared to contemporary standards.

This review provides a glimpse into the remastered version of Red Faction: Guerrilla and its enduring appeal despite certain shortcomings.

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