Battle of the Golden Shovel launched today, everyone, come to a showdown

Battle of Golden Shovel” was officially launched today on August 26. It has been warmed up for so long before, and today’s launching force is also unprecedentedly high. As a mobile game version of Genting Zhiyi, it must be less popular. Impossibly, Genting Game has accompanied us in 5 major versions. This time, the game of golden shovel will accompany the players’ leisure time. At present, downloading can also receive all kinds of small heroes’ welfare packages. Everyone, come and download the game to have a showdown!

Battle of the Golden Shovel

Two seasons struck nostalgia and “trend switch at any time

The Battle of Golden Shovel”, which is fully online this time, will enable the dual-season parallel mode of “Dawn of Heroes” and “Time and Space Rift”, each with its own unique charm. Whether it is the classic and playable “Time and Space Rift” or the hot “Dawn of Heroes”, players can choose according to their own preferences and play whichever they want.

In the “Heroes of Dawn” season, the new heroes Akshan and Gwen joined the Yunding game, making the game more exciting and exciting in the late game. At the same time, there are new fetters such as Bright Sentinel, Assault Gunner, Lingluo Doll, etc. to inject new vitality into the game. The player can invite Lucian, Senna, Lowe, Fidetic, and other heroes to form a powerful lineup with different styles and enjoy a lively and fun game with the blessing of the bright weapon In the season of “Time and Space Rift”, “Battle of Golden Shovel” retains those classic heroic fetters. Ishigami can use familiar fighters, voids, and gunner fetters to form a classic “double-gun empress” or “zoo” lineup experience To have a different game content from “Dawn of Heroes”, you will have a different kind of fun.

In addition, Hayate Swordsman “Yasuo” will join the Yunding game as a little hero for the first time. There will also be Golden Shovel and Shovel Battle” characteristic little heroes such as Scale Dragon and Faerie Fatty Dragon. Different options. Those who have been conquered by “Little Yasuo” can now download “Battle of the Golden Shovel” to recruit them.

Super player Chen He leads and invites many anchors to play against Yun Dian

On the first day of the “Golden Shovel Battle” on August 26, the super player spokesperson Chen He and the feathered knight will issue the “Golden Shovel Shovel Contest” convening order, inviting all peak players to compete for the “largest gold in history”. Shovel

Many well-known anchors including Zhou Shuyi, Shenchao, Monkey King, Big Quail, Rain God, Paper, Honglian, and other well-known anchors joined to form the “Peak Game Group” to compete in the “Golden Shovel Tournament”. In the end, who is the winner of the “largest golden shovel in history”, please lock in the major live broadcast rooms of Huya and Douyu to watch the live broadcast on time.

 Innovative gameplay is on the battlefield, friends join forces to play the chessboard

In the fully online game, in addition to the two-season regular gameplay, “Golden Shovel Shovel” also has three entertainment gameplay modes: two-player mode, violent mode, and Twilight War, giving players a richer gaming experience In the “two-player mode”, players can enjoy the fun of double black and top scores, flexibly use “Nicole’s Spirit” to copy their hero chess pieces to their teammates, and help teammates easily synthesize three-star hero chess pieces and jointly “reach the top

In the Frenzy Mode”, players can experience the thrill of forming a lineup in a short time without worrying about experience interest, D is done In the Twilight War gameplay, the players need to use fixed equipment and chess pieces to line up their troops to fight against powerful AI enemies, defeat them and get rewards Not only is the gameplay richer, the mobile gaming experience is also more optimized. During the game, the players can directly synthesize advanced equipment in the equipment bar by dragging the parts; using the draft joystick and touch to move, the players can flexibly control the little heroes, and the drafting of chess pieces is easy; through novices College and endgame gameplay teaching, quickly familiarize yourself with the lineup, and master the skills of lineup operation.

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