Game Light and Dark Appointment Event

The Light and Darkness of LOL Genting Game S5 season is coming online soon. Now you can make an appointment to experience the berserk mode in advance. Players who are qualified to experience the berserk mode can also invite friends to experience it together. Below, we will bring you the LOL Genting Game of Light and Darkness reservation activities URL. SFR GAMING : ASTERIX AND OBELIX XXL: REMASTERED

The Light and Darkness LOL Genting Game S5

The fifth season of the League of Legends Genting Game, Light and Dark, will be available on the national server on April 29, 2021. New chess pieces, new fetters, new dark weapons, and Genting Lab’s new gameplay “Frenzy Mode” will soon be relaunched Reservations for the new season are now open on all platforms, and reservations are free to unlock the first experience of the berserk mode and the rare eggs of the 1st to 7th series of Little Heroes

When will the scheduled activity last?

The reservation event will last from 16:30 on April 12th, 2021 to 23:59 on April 28th. During this period, summoners can log in to the official client, Pocket League of Legends, and official website event topics to participate in the appointment for free. Or you can lock reservation rewards through partner mobile phones QQ, WeChat, We game, Kandian, Huya Live, Douyu Live, Bilibili Live, Kuaishou Live, Penguin E-sports (the above partners are ranked in no particular order).

Can I get multiple rewards if I make an appointment through multiple channels?

No, each Summoner can get up to one appointment reward per QQ account (ie up to one Little Hero 1~7 series rare egg and frantic mode early access qualification What is the berserk mode? How to use the berserk mode to experience the qualifications Berserk mode is new gameplay introduced by Genting Labs. It has no interest, no upgrades, and a lifetime limit of 20 points. In this raging mode, enjoy the happiness of speed mad D! Of course, in the process, if the summoner encounters any Experience problems or suggestions, please feel free to feedback, this will help further optimize the violent mode. In order to ensure the game experience of the summoner, the early access qualification of the berserk mode will be gradually released from the start of the new season on April 29, 2021, to 23:59 on April 30th. Summoners who have successfully booked will receive the berserk mode in batches. Early access to opportunities. Log in to the appointment page from April 28th to April 30th to check whether the current account is eligible for the experience.

I have made an appointment successfully! But where can I get the rare eggs from the 1st~7th series of Little Heroes? Congratulations, you have locked the rewards in advance! After the new season of Light and Dark goes live on April 29, 2021, go to the League of Legends client to complete a game of Genting (matching or ranking), and then enter the event topic to receive the small Little Heroes 1~7 series rare eggs. Collection time: 12:00, April 29, 2021-23:59, May 31, 2021.

Oh no, I missed the scheduled event, but I can’t wait to play the rampage mode quickly, what should I do? Don’t worry, Summoner! The first experience of the Berserker mode will last from April 29th to 23:59 on April 30th, and all summoners will be able to experience it directly on the client terminal from 00:00 on May 1st. Rage mode. If a summoner missed the free scheduled benefit event, before 0:00 on May 1, eligible summoners can invite you to experience the frenzy mode by teaming up in the room.

Can I purchase an appointment qualification?

This test qualification will not be issued through any password, CD-key, or other similar forms, and the official will not sell appointment qualifications through any channels. Anyone who asks you for account passwords and requirements on the grounds of Genting Game Light and Dark appointment activities Payments and other behaviors is all frauds. Please be careful not to be deceived.

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