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Want to experience a different naval battle adventure at the end of the month to return to school, and let your battle fortune rise steadily? Then come to ” World of Warships ” to meet your new combat power in early autumn! Since the 0.10.5 version update, there have been many good looks High-performance and powerful ships are calling at ports one after another, and captains can use their combat characteristics to open up more tactical games!

World of Warships

Today’s protagonist [constellation] is recreated based on the Lexington-class battle cruiser constellation. In the game, the constellation is an M series 8-class battleship with torpedo launchers and “surveillance radar” consumables. The unusual design also brings unique gameplay and combat capabilities to the constellation.

As a sniper with powerful firepower and long-range, it is equipped with eight precise 406 mm/45 Mk.5 large-caliber artillery, installed in four turrets; and the powerful firepower network is more than these large guns. An artifact of caliber, the Constellation is also equipped with twenty 127mm/38 Mk.12 guns mounted on the Mk.32 gun mount. With the help of these dual-purpose guns, not only will your damage ability be improved, but you can also Keep your attack efficiency in the fight, and you will no longer be afraid of their snakeskin’s position in the face of destroyers and cruisers!

In addition, it is equipped with sixty-two 20mm Oerlikon cannons and 48 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns. The air defense capabilities are very good. If you want to engage in airstrikes, then first ask for the one hundred and ten guns The constellation battleship is also equipped with two triple-mounted torpedo launchers. Captains can rely on these high-damage torpedoes to kill or interfere with enemy ships; and the use of “surveillance radar” consumables allow you to discover the whereabouts of enemy ships in time, It is more convenient to judge the timing of attack or retreat, greatly improving the performance of the battlefield!

Taking into account the characteristics of the constellation, in terms of upgrades, five improvements are recommended: the main armament modification, the damage control system modification, the artillery drawing-room modification, the damage control system modification, and the concealed system modification. Have a more stable fighting ability, and survive longer in the battle, and finally survive to victory!

At present, the admiral package of the ship has been put on the armory. You can get the M series 8 battleship constellation with a port slot, a commander with 10 skill points, a large number of expendable camouflage, silver coins, signal flags, A commemorative flag, and a special combat mission that provides +200% experience per game. The gift pack has a limited duration. If you like this unique battleship, then hurry up and welcome it into the port!

Now follow the “World of Warships” WeChat, Weibo, BiliBili official channel, and other platforms to learn more about the event. New players can register for a 360 account and download a new game client to experience the new journey of a naval battle in 2021! Read Next: Best Strategy Games Of All Times 


World of Warships currently has over 15 million active players.

World of Warships has achieved great success since its launch in 2015. It has been nominated for the Steam Awards multiple times and has won the 2017Most Played Game award. The game has also received over 100 million downloads worldwide. The price of the game is freetoplay, but players can purchase ingame items to enhance their experience

Other games that competed against World of Warships for the 2017 Steam Awards included Overwatch, PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and CounterStrike: Global Offensive.

What are the best mods?

The best mods for World of Warships depend on the player‘s preferences. Some popular mods include the BattleEye mod, which adds realistic weather effects, the HD Mod, which adds improved graphics, and the Ship Customization mod, which adds new customization options for ships. Other popular mods include the Realistic Battle mod, which adds a more realistic battle experience, and the Naval Combat Mod, which adds new game modes and maps.

The device requirements for World of Warships are:

Windows 7 or later

4GB RAM or higher

Intel Core i3 or equivalent

Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better


Some of the updates to World of Warships include:

New ships from Japan, Germany, and Italy

Improved graphics and HD visual effects

New maps and scenery

Updated ingame economy

Improved damage mechanics

New customization options for ships

Advanced AI for a more realistic experience

Additional cooperative and competitive game modes

New player progression system

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