Edge of Rebirth is scheduled for August

After three years of hard work, NExT studio subverts the concept of tactical shooting games

Is there more room for imagination in shooting games? “Edge of Rebirth” may be able to inspire you. Edge of Rebirth” is produced by NExT and is a PVPVE third-person shooter game built with an Unreal 4 engine. NExT has released a number of excellent works with a high reputation on Steam, such as “Mystery Chase”, “Just Great Adventure “, “Unbelievable Crown” and so on. And “Edge of Rebirth” is a work that NExT has invested a lot in. It invited Clark Yang, the former Ubisoft level design director with more than ten years of 3A game development experience, as the producer. It has assembled massive resources in the studio and spent three years of painstaking efforts to polish it. It will finally be tested on August 28! Gaming News: The Light and Darkness of LOL Genting Game S5 season is coming online soon

Edge of Rebirth

In the name of pursuing gameplay innovation, NExT boldly created a new “core control” gameplay in shooting games, which means chip control. Allows players to control the wild monsters in the game: Nanomen, and transform them into combat teammates that can be controlled by themselves. According to the different abilities of Nanomen, players can adopt different tactics and strategies on the battlefield: You can bring “Guardians”. As a mobile shelter, protect yourself from fighting with enemies in open areas; you can also bring the “Insight” to scan the enemies behind the wall, so that all “Voldemort” has nowhere to hide… In addition, after the player has gained experience points and resources, he can fight Your favorite nano man will be further strengthened, flexibly adjust the skill mix, and create a combat helper that perfectly fits your fighting style!

Edge of Rebirth” not only brings a high degree of freedom of tactical strategy through the main core control gameplay but also has a rich firearm modification system, coupled with top-level picture quality, so that players can enjoy more than just the game. The excitement of shooting combat is more immersive.

As the ultimate masterpiece of NExT, “Edge of Rebirth” is not only open to the domestic market but will also be exported overseas, representing the determination of domestic gamers to match the international top masterpieces. Join the battle now Read Next: World of Warships radar battleship – guards the galax

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