The battlefield is not in vain! Life and Death Sniper 2

The domestic shooting game ” Life and Death Sniper 2 ” unlimited number deletion test is hotly open. The test time is August 13th-August 29th 16:00-22:00 (10:00-22:00 on weekends). There is no configuration interception in the fire test, and there is no barrier to entering the summer!

Life and Death Sniper 2

In addition to the improvement of basic quality such as scenes, feel, and sound effects, the fire test also adjusted and optimized the firearms transformation and combat specialization system, which enhanced players’ willingness and depth of learning, and improved the immersive shooting experience from multiple dimensions.

Weapon transformation is not in vain

Players gain experience through battles to upgrade weapon levels, or participate in raiding modes, operational activities, etc. to obtain weapon experience cards, and carry out transformation and upgrades so that weapons have completely different attributes and numerical growth. The higher the weapon level, the more accessories to choose from. Players can combine accessories according to their own preferences and combat habits to achieve the best weapon status.

For example, players who prefer waist shooting can choose buttstocks, underhangs, and lasers that can reduce vertical recoil, as well as silencers that increase bullet muzzle velocity; players who prefer headshots can choose accessory types that reduce lateral recoil and increase headshot damage; prefer instantaneous Sniper players can choose the type of accessories that speed up the mirroring speed and reduce recoil, and combine different genres of firearms and weapons according to different accessories.

Combat specialization to unlock new experiences

As a supplement to external growth, the combat specialization system helps players gain additional combat ability growth. Players obtain specialization points steadily and free of charge through channels such as battles and operational activities, and allocate points reasonably according to their own preferences to improve combat attributes.

For example, waist-shooting players can choose to control the fire control of vertical recoil, and bursting blows that increase the damage attribute; charging players can increase the speed of reloading or reduce the flexible and stable skill attributes such as falling damage reduction; blasting players can consider dismantling The attributes of the package; the big head players can choose the attribute bonus of the headshot damage category. In addition, auxiliary attributes such as movement speed and recoil can also be added with specialization points as needed. PC Games: radar battleship – Guards the galax World of Warships

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