Stand-alone of the cult license Saints Row (a bit like Miles Morales is in Marvel’s Spider-Man ), Gat Out of Hell announces the color from its title: this time, it is about going to hell, for a good big video game delirium …

Saints Row Gat Out Of’s also on SFR Gaming

SR gat out of hell

Launched in 2006 with the first eponymous game, Saints Row quickly found success, and quickly became a saga, with sequels, and even a spin-off ( Agents of Mayhem ). It must be said that with a story based on a gang war, but with omnipresent humor and multiple references to pop culture, the universe of Saints Row has it all …

But especially for older children, games are prohibited for those under 16, since they include many scenes of violence, and dialogues which can be quite raw. Basically, the vibe of Saints Row , it’s a bit like Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands have merged, with a little Soprano side as well . Because the gang warfare allowed the characters of the franchise to rise in power, as you can see in Saints Row: The Third and Saint Row IV , two games available on SFR Gaming, and now joined by Gat Out of Hell, a stand alone following the delusional events of the fourth part. Be careful, if you want to avoid the scenario to discover these crazy games, the rest of this article is full of spoilers! Gaming News: Black Desert Conference 

After the first three games which took place in a fairly realistic universe, although crazy, Saints Row IV goes further, much further: the leader of the gang has become President of the United States, and will have to face … an alien invasion! The atmosphere is therefore even wackier than before, with references to Star WarsArmageddon, and many other films in all directions. While we thought that this opus would mark the end of the franchise, Deep Silver finally released a stand-alone, so a game that is self-sufficient, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell , which this time offers neither more and no less than a trip to hell! Good news, it’s also on SFR Gaming.


The side anchored in the reality of the first games is therefore totally forgotten, while it is possible to play two cult characters from the Saints Row universe, Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington, solo or in co-op, to master supernatural powers. and face demonic enemies, like the Infernal Archdukes or the Prince of Darkness himself. For this, you can count on paraphernalia worthy of the South Park games: incendiary frogs, swarms of grasshoppers or demonic goblins to throw at your opponents. In short, big bucks, allowing to mix fun and action for a devilishly pleasant game! Read Next: Is there opportunity for gaming phone?

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