Mobile phone games are highlighted, is there an opportunity for gaming phones coming soon?

Perhaps only last year, between the smartphones on sale and mobile games, there is only a relationship between “play well” and “make it easy to play“, but now there is a state of “can you play In the future, Smartphones maybe like the PC market, some products are destined to miss the game masterpiece when they are released. This can not help people start thinking, is there an opportunity for gaming phones? After gaming phones coming soon: Best innovation in mobile gaming 

gaming phones coming soon

From impact play to cannot play

This week, the game masterpiece XCOM2 began to be launched on the Android platform. The price of this game is US$24.99. The quality of the game has reached the masterpiece level. The console version was previously launched on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This time XCOM 2 COLLECTION has also been launched. Switch platform. In the issuance of the smartphone platform, the iOS platform was launched earlier than the Android platform. The game introduction page specifically indicated that players need 8.5GB of free space. The minimum requirement for the model is iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, or the second generation. iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 can not run the game, the reason may be that the RAM required for this game is 3GB to start.

In the list of Android models announced for this game, it directly announced “cannot play” for many models on sale. Among them, the flagship model Pixel 5 sold by Google, and the Pixel 4 series can support this masterpiece. The game company also specifically stated on Twitter: “If the player’s device is not on the list, if it can be purchased when the XCOM 2 Collection is released, it means that the device can run the game, but it is not officially supported. It cannot be run. XCOM 2 Collection equipment will be blocked from purchase.”

From the support list of XCOM 2 Collection, it is not difficult to find that only Snapdragon 8 series models can support this game, even the Pixel 3 with Snapdragon 845 launched in 2018 is also on the support list. Obviously, because the Adreno GPU of each generation of Snapdragon 8 series products provided the strongest performance at the time, and at the same time, the models equipped with it can still maintain a high level of performance after many years of sales and also achieve this. The performance requirements of this game.

Mobile games widen the performance gap

In fact, some previous games have even become mobile phone performance testing tools, such as “Original God” and Bright Mountain Range”. Compared with the situation where mobile games cannot squeeze the full performance of mobile platforms, they can now allow smartphones to see themselves. The performance deficiencies. Like the Apple M1, when running “Original Sin”, the problem of dropped frames will also occur.

Compared with the daily functions that can’t open the gap, different models do show a gap when playing games. The most important thing is the difference in hardware performance. Different manufacturing processes and different GPUs will have obvious differences in heat generation and picture stability during the game.

On the other hand, the high requirements for performance also pose challenges to the power consumption control and heat dissipation capabilities of mobile phones. Smartphone manufacturers have to consider how to control performance to achieve stable frame rate performance during operation when dealing with some masterpieces of mobile games.

As a result, gaming phones also came into being, with more effective active heat dissipation and greater release of the performance of the mobile platform to enhance the player’s experience in the game, while also adding functions such as shoulder keys to help control. However, the appearance rate of gaming phones in daily life is obviously not high, and they are still in a niche category in the consumer market, far less popular than gaming notebooks in the PC market.

For example, in the latest gaming mobile phone market share announced by Canalys, there is such an interesting phenomenon. Qian takes first place with a 23% market share, while the Redmi K series and realme X series have 20% and 19% respectively. Occupy two or three positions. The positioning of these three mobile phone products is not purely focused on games. Among the gaming-focused brands, Black Shark ranks fourth, Red Devils fifth, ROG seventh, and Lenovo Savior ranks ninth with a 3% share Now when mobile games begin to squeeze more and more performance, is there an opportunity for gaming phones?

Is the opportunity for gaming phones coming?

The problem with the gaming phone itself may be that it is a good machine for playing games, but it is not a good phone. After all, for a better gaming experience, it is a heavier body that is paid for. Based on the configuration when holding it horizontally, it is not friendly to daily operations. More aggressive performance release, coupled with active heat dissipation, also increases the power consumption of the mobile phone. In the case of playing games with a gaming mobile phone, the actual battery life is not ideal. At the same time, this type of mobile phone is basically out of the current full-screen design style, which is not ideal in terms of visual perception.

Therefore, many players will eventually choose a flagship phone. First of all, the price of game phones does not have much advantage. The flagship phone can undoubtedly run all games. The problem of heat dissipation can be solved by active heat dissipation accessories. At the same time, flagship phones may not lose game phones in terms of gaming experience.

An interesting conclusion was reached in the “2020 Second Intelligent Hardware Evaluation Report-Mobile Game Performance Evaluation Special” released by China Mobile Terminal Lab last year, that is, Huawei Mate40 Pro is considered to be the number one model in terms of gaming experience. , Followed by the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, and the third place is a dedicated gaming phone-ASUS ROG gaming phone 3. It can be seen that the comprehensive gaming experience of the flagship model is also excellent, and the daily experience is definitely better

The greater threat facing gaming phones lies in the emergence of cloud games, and even platforms like Tencent START, which directly contain popular mobile games such as “Yuan Shen”. Once this model matures, the performance and active heat dissipation advantages of gaming phones will be It becomes impossible to talk about, any mobile phone can run smoothly as long as the network is guaranteed. This is especially true for more performance-oriented masterpieces, and you don’t need to care about the list of models mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Perhaps the continued prosperity of gaming laptops in the PC market has given gaming phones expectations for the future. After all, it is an indisputable fact that smartphones are becoming PCs, but the changes of the times are also facts that need to be considered. Gaming phones have removed the word “hand”, and perhaps more of the future


How about the gaming devices?

One X player Mini Pro is a powerful device, the best alternative for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.



When it comes to gaming on the go, there are two major players in the market: gaming mobile phones and the OneXplayer.

Both are designed to provide gamers with the best possible gaming experience in a portable device. But which one is the better choice?

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.


Gaming Mobile Phones Pros:

Gaming mobile phones are designed with gamers in mind, so they come with powerful hardware and the latest software to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

They also typically have larger batteries to provide gamers with long gaming sessions without needing to recharge.

They usually have more features than a standard smartphone, such as dedicated gaming buttons and Bluetooth controllers.


Gaming mobile phones are usually more expensive than a standard smartphone.

They can be bulky and uncomfortable to hold for long gaming sessions.

They are often not compatible with the latest games, so gamers may need to wait for updates to be released.


OneXplayer Pros:

The OneXplayer is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

It is compatible with a range of gaming systems, so gamers can play their favorite games no matter what platform they’re on.


The OneXplayer is more limited in terms of hardware and software capabilities, so it may not be suitable for some gamers.

It can be more expensive than gaming mobile phones, depending on the model.

It is not compatible with all games and may require additional accessories to use certain games.


Ultimately, the choice between gaming mobile phones and the OneXplayer comes down to personal preference. If youre looking for a powerful device with the latest gaming technology, then a gaming mobile phone might be the better choice. But if youre more interested in portability and convenience, then the OneXplayer might be right for you.

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