Black Desert Game launches its press conference

With 20 million players and 36 million downloads, this is the global result of “Black Desert” developed by Korean manufacturer Pearlayss in the mobile and mobile game versions. The famous overseas IP is about to be released in mainland China. The mobile game “Black Desert” will be launched in Shenzhen today (August 27) at 15:00. The classic scene was restored at the press conference, and the NPC “appeared” to bring the exotic magical atmosphere. At the same time, the first trial version was released, and everyone was invited to taste it together. After reading Black desert mobile game: Thor New Look In God Of War Ragnarok 

black desert mobile game

Countless award-winning classic IPs from around the world came to the mainland. The press conference opened today black Desert” IP has won numerous awards worldwide by virtue of its high-quality graphics effects, hearty combat experience, free exploration, and passionate competition, etc., and its graphics effects are especially close to full marks in most media evaluations. Since the “Black Desert” mobile game successfully obtained the domestic version number, all parties are looking forward to the early arrival of the game. Now it is finally time to uncover the mystery. The “Black Desert” mobile game will be released today (August 27) 15. :00 An external press conference will be held, and at the same time, all-platform reservation activities will be opened simultaneously.

The conference site is immersive and the first to try the game is not to be missed

The classic IP that traveled across the ocean to the mainland officially opened the press conference today. In order to let everyone feel the charm of the game more immersively at the press conference, the representative scenes in the game are restored in proportion to the scene, including the magic world. The majestic atmosphere, but also detailed enough that even the small props in the house are exquisitely corresponding. Impressive NPCs with exotic characteristics in the game also came to the scene to accompany everyone on the magical continent.

The producer of the game developer Pearlayss will also share the gameplay with the players at the press conference and invite more people to look forward to the mainland trip of the “Black Desert” mobile game. Countless old game players will also be at the scene to share what they have seen and heard and love stories in the game with more people. Seeing is better than hearing a hundred times. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of the “Black Desert”, a trial experience area was specially prepared at the press conference. Players can try the game in the demo area. This demo version will open three regions: Barrenos, Serendia, and the Neutral Zone. The long-awaited magical continent is finally open, so you can enjoy it freely. After reading Black desert mobile game: Shiba Inu Coin In Gaming? Yes That Have Happened.

When it comes to “Black Desert”, I believe everyone’s important impression is the high-quality picture quality, or the hitting experience, or the personality pinching face, in addition to the simulated business gameplay and siege content in the game. The core features of the “Black Desert” mobile game are not reduced. Back then, the content you want will be presented here. Deserts, seas, mountains, forests, and other topography are integrated into a colorful magical world, and every scene is meticulously crafted. , The details such as vegetation and furniture are also clearly distinguished. Nowadays, the “Black Desert” mobile game is completely reproduced and rendered with self-developed engine technology, and the picture quality is better than before, coupled with the integration of the real weather system, people can be more immersed in it.

The powerful character-shaping system, the ever-changing image meets the personality matching. Territory simulation management, mercenaries seek development, and trade while attacking and conquering. The diversified battlefield brings strategic wisdom to the competitive game, and honors and glorious deeds are up to you to write.

Black Desert” mobile game launch conference will be launched. Dreamland & Tencent will jointly release it. The demo version will also be brought to the scene to experience the first experience. Full game open platform synchronized appointments, effective immediately, mainland China’s adventures home game experience qualifications can make an appointment through the “Black Desert” hand tour official website. In addition, players can also complete reservations through WeChat, Mobile QQ, App Store, Tencent Video, Tencent News, QQ Music, Huawei Game Center, OPPO, and many other channels. SFR Gaming: Bridge Construction Mobile

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