Take-Two ready to draw three GTA remasters for the end of the year?

First of all, it should be noted that this information is still only at the state of rumor conveyed by the Kotaku site. Nothing is official, even if we have more and more reasons to believe in it. To understand, let’s go back a few days. Take-Two let shine through three still unannounced remasters in its last financial report. It did not take less to see the first guesses appear, among the list of possibilities: a GTA trilogy. Read Next: Death Stranding Director’s Cut will finally be available for sale

GTA remasters

Another clue, for a few days, the American publisher has been relentlessly tracking down all GTA V mods, clearly referring to GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas episodes. For example, the popular Vice Cry Remastered mod is no longer available. Take-Two plays the DMCA card – which protects copyright. By this approach out of nowhere, one could believe that the latter is slowly preparing the arrival of new editions of the games mentioned, to clean up anything that could overshadow their launch

Last groundbreaking: Kotaku. The specialized site has just published an article specifying that three remasters are well in preparation. According to his sources, the remasters of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas are scheduled for the end of 2021, and this, on PS5, PS4 Xbox Series, Xbox One, and even on Nintendo Switch. They also specify that PC and mobile versions are planned but will arrive later. Rockstar Dundee studio is reportedly in charge of the project. The games would run with the Unreal Engine graphics engine to adopt a clever mix of old and new while retaining their identity

Also according to Kotaku, initially, these reissues were planned as a kind of bonus for all players who bought the next editions of GTA V and GTA Online. But the current situation linked to the pandemic has prompted the publisher to review its plans. And that’s not all, because, a priori, other classics from the publisher would also be being remastered, towards a Red Dead Redemption Remastered?

Once again, this is a rumor, of course, more and more credible in view of the elements, but we must be careful and wait for the official announcement before rejoicing. If the releases of the remaster of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas is imminent, then the end of the year 2021 will have a strange taste of PS2 Read: Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag remaster in 2022

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