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Lara Croft Relic Run game is a fun packet & exciting

She’s the greatest adventurer of all time, a pop-culture legend since her appearance on our screens in 1996: Lara Croft also hunts for treasure in Relic Run, an action-packed mobile game!

After Indiana Jones, before Nathan Drake in Uncharted, there was Lara Croft, the adventurer heroine of the Tomb Raider games, who became a pop culture icon from the first game in 1996. Incarnated in the cinema by Angelina Jolie for the first two films, then recently by Alicia Vikander in the reboots, Lara Croft is everywhere.

Including smartphones, thanks to the game Relic Run, allowing one to go on an incredible new adventure with the one who always wields her pair of pistols with class!

While all the Tomb Raider games are already available on SFR Gaming, the game service available from your SFR Box, to play on television, Lara Croft is arriving this time on mobile, in Relic Run, a game that takes the form of runner, which is absolutely perfect for a great adventure story. Found on google play

After all, aren’t the main scenes we remember from an Indiana Jones movie the ones where the adventurer in the hat has to run to escape a new threat, like, a big rock rolling like in Crash Bandicoot? Except that Lara Croft always goes forward!


We find all the ingredients that made the success of the Tomb Raider, namely Lara, her mini-shorts, her blue top, her ponytail, her two pistols and other weapons, but also her spectacular jumps and her stunts to be performed at the right time to avoid the many obstacles. You can also walk on the walls, or borrow many vehicles depending on the level, such as a motorcycle or a quad.

Very rhythmic, this Lara Croft: Relic Run is packed with action and never gets bored, sometimes even taking on the appearance of a maxi best of the menu of the best moments of the Tomb Raider games.. For example, as in the first, we meet … tyrannosaurs! Yes, at the end of each level (there are 120), there will be a terrible boss to face …

Tomb Raider mobile has some interesting video sequences

This time, Lara goes to the jungle of Cambodia, in search of her friend Carter Bell, who seems to have simply disappeared. She, therefore, sets off in search of clues to find him, and quickly understands that she must find relics (hence the title of the game, Relic Run). There are actually 20 per environment, all of which must be found to unlock the next one. Which is quite simple, as long as you activate your “explorer” mode.

For once, the game completely sets aside the usual “puzzles” of the franchise, focusing mainly on a subtle mix of action and platform. To make it a real blockbuster, and this is quite rare for a mobile game, we even have the right to some purely cinematographic video sequences, to show us the evolution of Lara in the jungle, and to energize an already very nervous group.

Be careful, however, as usual with Lara, nothing will be simple: in case of death, we lose the clues collected! So don’t hesitate to equip yourself with the best possible equipment (bulletproof vest, resurrection amulets, health bonus …) so as not to experience too much frustration, and to fully enjoy the action. Read next: Best games for your phone


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