A Death Stranding sequel reportedly in talks

We owe this information to Norman Reedus, who plays Sam Bridges in the title of Hideo Kojima Productions In less than a month, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will finally be available for sale, having been announced last June. As this revamped version of the title released in 2019 soon lands on PS5, it looks like fans of the franchise can expect a second installment soon. This is currently the subject of negotiations.

It was Norman Reedus, who lends his voice and physical appearance to Sam Bridges in the title, who confirmed this information. Interviewed by AdoroCinema, a partner site of IGN Brazil, he said: “ I think we are going to do a second Death Stranding. [The second installment] is being negotiated right now. So… yep! ”

The alleged collaboration with Microsoft called into question

If this turned out to be correct, then fans of the first opus, and of Hideo Kojima, would not have to worry about the future of the game designer with Sony. Indeed, this would contradict the latest rumors about it, which affirmed that the next production-stamped Kojima would actually be in collaboration with Microsoft, for an exclusive release on Xbox.

For the moment, neither Sony nor Hideo Kojima has reacted to Norman Reedus’ comments and it will therefore be necessary to wait for a confirmation from them, also knowing that the actor seems not to be sure what is going on between the studio. and its editor. Sequel or not, Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut is expected on PS5 for September 24 at a price of € 49.99 for the standard edition, and € 59.99 for the Deluxe edition. If you already have a PS4 version, then you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut version for only 10 euros. Game News: Life and Death Sniper 2 – The battlefield is not in vain!


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