Saturday, October 31st is Halloween, the scariest day of the year. To stay alive throughout the week, we can count on films, series, books, but also and above all video games, which thanks to their immersive side manage to surprise even more easily … BE CAREFUL, BEHIND YOU, A ZOMBIE !!!

Horror video games


With the success of series like The Walking Dead or Kingdoms, zombies have become ubiquitous in pop culture over the past decade, and are kind of the guests of honor every Halloween. Besides, when you think of a creepy video game, the first thing that comes to mind is a story of survival in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. That’s good, that’s exactly what Deadlight, Director’s Cut , available on SFR Gaming, offers.

Very focused on survival, this game forbidden to under 18s (a whole program) takes place in 1986. We play Randall Wayne, a survivor who searches for his family in the ruins of civilization, avoiding zombies as best as possible ( in the form of very freaking shadows) that roam Seattle, but who sometimes has to resolve to use great means and zigzag to clear a passage. Between phases of platforming, infiltration, and fighting, Deadlight: Director’s Cut resembles a ” Prince of Persia in the land of the Undead” , and can count on a deep narrative and a spellbinding aesthetic to captivate the players. And freak them out too!


Along with Final Fantasy VII Remake or Cyberpunk 2077, it was one of the most anticipated games of the year. Perhaps even THE most anticipated game of the year. Sequel to the cult The Last of Us (2013), voted the best game of the decade by PlayStation players, The Last of Us Part II has managed to shock, annoy, satisfy, disappoint, make people cry, laugh, infuriate … he left absolutely no one indifferent, and obtained incredible marks in the specialized press. And for good reason. With a narration as incredible as in the first episode, TLOU2is worthy of a great interactive movie, with a grim tale of revenge set in the midst of a world ravaged by an epidemic. Who is the most dangerous? Zombies, or humans? It’s up to the players to discover it in an adventure of about thirty hours essential, for one of the greatest thrills of the year. And obviously, it is more than recommended to have played the first one before, to better feel all the dramatic tension that inhabits the characters. And there are. A little, a lot, passionately, madly, more than anything …


After the success of the Resident Evil 2 Remake in 2019, Capcom did it again with the remake of Resident Evil 3 in early 2020. For creepy gamesResident Evil clearly remains the ultimate reference, and this return allows the youngest to discover the first episodes of the saga, and for the elderly to treat themselves to a little nostalgia sequence with the joystick in hand. Less distressing than Resident Evil 2 Remake , this new version is mainly action-oriented, with the muscular adventure in Raccoon City of Jill Valentine, continued by the terrible Nemesis. Clearly not the kind of character you want to be stuck in an elevator with. resident Evil, always a safe bet for a very scary video game in the dark, alone, with friends or with your cat. And if playing it scares you a little too much, there is always the possibility of watching the films,


Well, it’s all very cute (or not) all that, but it’s not just survival horror to scare yourself in life! There is a psychological thriller too! And sometimes it is even more frightening. Playable from 12 years old, True Fear is presented as a point’n’click in the first-person view and proposes to conduct an investigation at the frontiers of the paranormal. The scenario is intense and rich in twists and turns, alternating between investigation phases and frightening jump scares. Above all, True Fear adapts to all types of players, offering to choose the difficulty, to trigger or not the hidden object sequences, the use of clues, and other mechanics.on SFR Gaming.


If there is one saga that has marked minds in terms of horror in recent years, it is Twilight. But not for the same reasons as The Walking Dead, with the series coming to an end soon, and has already seen the birth of 2 spin-offs (with soon a 3rd on Daryl and Carol), as well as films on Rick Grimes soon. True extended universe, or lore as we say more and more often, The Walking Dead is also present in comics, its origin, in books, which take place in the same universe as the series, or in a video games, with The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, integral of an incredible saga. During 4 seasons, we follow the adventures of young Clementine, in point’n’click games where each dialogue, each action, can have tragic consequences and decide the fate (and therefore the survival) of each character. We must therefore think carefully, and quickly, not to make choices that we might regret later. Exactly like in the series. And besides, in addition to the 4 seasons, there are 2 DLC: 400 Days, and Michonne, which as its name suggests is dedicated to the character of The Walking Dead who loves more than anything to cut heads with katana blows Read next: Death Stranding Sequel In Discussion 

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