Video game Valheim The ultimate Review And Gameplay Tips

You are alone in the middle of the angry ocean. The wind is against you. As in Dumas’ Bagnard de l’Opéra, the swell becomes a wave and the waves become mountains. The lightning streaking the sky illuminates your small wooden and canvas boat, tossed about by the rolling ground swells raised by violent gusts. You are fearless for your miserable life than for your precious cargo: a few hundred iron ores extracted by the sheer force of your arms in crypts infested with the undead. Valheim gameplay tips.

Valheim Game Journey

The thick fog does not facilitate the navigation between the reefs threatening the fragile hull of your boat But suddenly, the wind turns, allows you to get out of this hell, and pushes you to a fine sandy beach bordering a meadow where your camp awaits you This ultimate journey is the culmination of many hours of gameplay invested in the middle of the night and one of the many experiences possible in Valheim, a game that has fascinated more than 4 million players just three weeks after its release.

Valheim gameplay

The firstborn of a small Swedish studio (Iron Gate Studio) founded in 2018 and which brings together only five people, the game published by Coffee Stain Studio (Embracer group) is currently at the top of all the rankings with several simultaneous players close to the industry behemoths like Counter-Strike, Dota 2 or PUBG. On Twitch, an average of 188,000 spectators on streams dedicated to Valheim confirms the enthusiasm for this game that no one saw coming.

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Find resources to survive

Available only on PC in early access on the Steam platform for around fifteen euros, Valheim is undoubtedly the new video game unicorn of this beginning of the year. Ranked 57th in the prestigious Steam ranking of the 250 best-rated games with nearly 90,000 positive reviews from players, the game goes against current trends: minimalist graphics where fist-sized pixels make the file of the game weigh less than a gigabyte. As an indication, and to stay with the Vikings, the latest Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla oscillates around 50 gigabytes.

The principle of Valheim is simple: in a world inspired by Nordic mythology and generated randomly, you play as a Viking stripped of all his possessions. The goal? Acquire resources to build shelter, weapons, and clothing and – once ready – face off against gigantic monsters. If playing alone allows you to live the experience in total immersion, it is possible to share the adventure with up to nine players Halfway between a survival game and an action game, Valheim ‘s strong point is undoubtedly exploration. And it’s easy to see how this aspect, after a year of pandemics and lockdowns, is central to its success.

By walking and running, the player has no choice but to traverse the grasslands, forests, mountains, and oceans of the world. But exploration in a survival game is never easy. You have to manage your food, your stamina, your rest. That’s what Valheim is all about: surviving and evolving. Change from a wooden mace to a bronze sword; from a troll-skin tunic slain in the sweat and pain of a tumultuous battle where every stone arrow counted, to the armor of silver and wolf fur; from a wobbly hut wedged between two trees to a gigantic stone castle perched on a hill. Because there lies the second strong point of Valheim: construction.

From construction Minecraft

By chopping wood and mining stone, the player must set up his camps himself. Equip them with a forge, workshop, foundry, a place to sleep, and palisades or moats to defend against creatures that regularly attack. On the Internet, fans are already sharing their craziest architectural creations rivaling what can be found on Minecraft. A pastime that can also distract the player from the main goal of the game – to face the five bosses available at the moment.

Video game Valheim The ultimate Review And Gameplay Tips

We find in Valheim many elements that have contributed to the success of some of the greatest games of recent years: starting with mechanics carrying Zelda Breath of The Wild If the release date of the final game has not yet been communicated, announcements of new content have already been made by the developers With four million copies sold in just three weeks, Valheim is well on its way to establishing itself as one of the must-haves of 2021 – an unpretentious indie PC game that manages to establish itself in a market where just to land a new generation of super-powerful consoles and games that always push the limit of ultra-realistic graphics a little further.

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 Valheim Game Review

Are you worthy of Valhalla? This is the question that Valheim asks you, which promises you a mythical and mystical adventure through magnificent scenery. You play as a character fallen in battle and sent to the eponymous kingdom of Valheim, an in-between world between life and Valhalla. As you start from scratch, you must build, survive, and fight to impress Odin and join the legendary Vikings.

Simple, efficient, and collaborative

What makes the success of this game developed by the Swedish studio Iron Gate Studio is its simplicity and the effectiveness of its adventure. Survival and exploration are within everyone’s reach, and the end goal is alluring. Solo or with others, you must find resources, build dwellings, and craft tools and weapons to face all the dangers of Valheim. It is more interesting and exciting to embark on this adventure with a group of friends. It is possible to have up to 10 players on the same map, which is always protected by a password.

You never really get bored in Valheim After having learned more or less how easy to survive in this hostile world, many tasks are to be carried out. And if you’re not a fan of fishing or gathering, you can, like Minecraft, build whatever you want with imagination and skill. Obviously, after that, we have to get down to business and take care of the various monsters that inhabit Valheim, preparing for them as best as possible. Weapons, skill points, courage: you have to put the odds on your side.

A game in early access

The universe is accessible, the world is almost infinite, and the graphics – if not realistic – are simply beautiful. And this, in particular thanks to magnificent light effects and a pretty palette of colors. And then the Viking world is fashionable: Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed license has also taken hold of it. The kingdom offers many different places to showcase these qualities. We can thus explore meadows, a black forest, plains, mountains, an ocean, or even marshes. A great promise for the future when we know that  Valheim is currently available in early access on Steam: the final version is not yet online and the title is regularly updated.

An accessible survival

A fallen Viking is sent by the god Odin to the eponymous realm of Valheim. Upon his arrival, Hugin, Odin’s messenger raven, explains to him that he must defeat mythical monsters there and bring their remains to a sanctuary. The sine qua no condition to be able to access Valhalla, the eternal place of residence of the brave As this quickly dispatched prologue suggests Valheim is not moving towards an epic saga exploring the thousand and one details of Norse mythology: the interest of the game lies in an experience that mixes survival, construction, and exploration. And the formula is effective: success struck Valheim as suddenly and unpredictably as the thunderbolt of the god Thor. Five million copies of this PC game have been sold on the Steam online platform since its release on February 2.

We must accept that this video game has nothing of a “triple-A” – these blockbusters with colossal means developed over the years. It was designed by five people, united within the Swedish studio Iron Gate, for which this is the first game. Sold for less than 20 euros, it is currently only available in an early version, regularly updated. update: its full version is not planned before 2022.

Once the “survival” aspect has been mastered, Valheim is presented as a “sandbox” game, in which the player is free to exploit his environment and develop there as he sees fit. And the Viking universe is not stingy with proposals: we hunt, we cook or we extract ore… It is also pleasant to visit the parties of your relatives, who will not fail to show you around their house, whether it’s rickety or breathtaking. Some players spend hours, days, or even weeks building spectacular castles or bridges.

A bucolic trip

Until then, the peasant and carpenter Vikings of Valheim are far from the cliché of the thick brute. However, if we design ( craft ) objects and develop skill points, it is to prepare for battle. The five bosses in the early version of the game are not lacking in response: the ill-prepared Vikings will leave beard hairs there It is during the combat phases that we feel the limits of this anticipated version the most when the camera goes into the trees without warning or when characters come up against a tree stump without the possibility of turning around.

From the unfinished side of Valheim emerges a unique aesthetic But as soon as you get closer, the textures become pixelated, the outlines of the elements are often rectilinear and the characters a little blurry.

Pixel’s review

What we liked:

  • The Nordic atmosphere transports us
  • The ultra-creative community
  • A Fresh Look at Sandbox Games
  • A good price-performance ratio
  • Not too many bugs for an early release

What we didn’t like:

  • Camera issues cause fights to be lost
  • The game recycles fairly classic game proposals

It’s more for you if…

  • Your dream house has wooden walls and a thatched roof
  • You collect swords, bows, or shields
  • You play on PC

It’s not for you if…

  • You don’t have the patience to go gather wood, mine ores or hunt in a game to progress
  • The repetitive aspect of “crafting” games bores you
  • What you like is to rush into the heap
  • You like to play alone
  • You prefer to invest in a next-gen triple-A game with 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, and which uses the technique of ray-tracing

VALHEIM Gameplay 10 Tips

With more than 3 million players having purchased the Iron Gate Studio title in just 17 days since its Alpha release, you couldn’t miss this little gem. If you ever hesitate to get it with your friends or if you have just started your adventure, here are ten little tips that will make you beginners more experienced than the others! Of course, if you have already reached the Bronze Age, most will seem superfluous to you.

Video game Valheim The ultimate Review And Gameplay Tips


The first reflex of each player in survival games is to break trees with their fists. And in Valheim, trees will be your worst early-game nightmare. These have the annoying habit of causing fall damage when falling. How many friends we have lost, savagely crushed by a flying or rolling log? In memory of them, remember to step back when the tree falls.


Gathering resources as quickly as possible is an essential quality of survival/crafting games like Valheim just like the stone, which will save you space. If you discover an abandoned village, placing a crafting table in the middle will allow you to quickly demolish the houses to recover the materials.


You’ve defeated your first boss, hooray What to do ?! Do it again take a day or two, and farm it. Also, don’t hesitate to return when your chest is full of trophies again.


As in Minecraft, it is possible to farm in Valheim, much faster than expected! While you will have to wait for your first bronze ingots to plant your crops, boar farming is fairly easy to do but requires a small pool of life points. Indeed, the idea is to build an enclosure, attract at least two wild boars into it, and then close the enclosure. Feed them mushrooms and roots, stay with them for a bit, repair barriers if needed, and you should see their love for you creeping up over the days


Even if some prefer to focus on exploration or the construction of imposing buildings, combat remains the main activity in Valheim Like in The Elder Scrolls game, the more you use your weapons, the stronger you become with them and therefore the more damage you inflict. It is advisable to use one or even two weapons, such as the spear/shield and the bow, which are quite strong at the start of the game. adaptation.


The “blank” card is arguably my favorite part of the mechanic in Valheim Indeed, it is up to you to note each of the important places that you will come across during your adventure death to return to get your equipment. Also, note that your world is unique, and your map will look like no other!


Quickly, you will realize that water plays a very important role in your adventure. However, you will have to wait a while before you can cross it But it can allow you to walk along the coasts and across the rivers without being haggard However, watch out for the large snake lurking around, dying outside the main island will cause you to lose experience!


All amateur builders will tell you: that a good house rests on solid foundations! Valheim is no exception, with a durability and foundation system included in the game, it is very difficult to make strong buildings in the early game. So use the hoe to modify the ground as you wish Note that the pickaxe will also allow you to dig moats around your camp for nights when monsters attack.


Not only because it influences your total life, but also because you can’t gorge on the same food every day like in Minecraft. Here you can swallow three different foods to increase your life pool, so consider eating five fruits and vegetables a day!


It may sound silly, but Valheim is a game that reveals all its salt when you play it with several people Also, you will be able to practice weapons against each other which will make fighting easier, especially in dungeons.

Valheim Game system requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar
  • RAM: 4 GB of memory
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 500 series or similar
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Disk space: 1 GB of available disk space


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: i5 3GHz, Ryzen 5 3ghz or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB of memory
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970 series or similar
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Disk space: 1 GB of available disk space

I Hope You Guys Got What You Are Looking For I Have Shared The Ultimate Review Of The Video game Valheim And Also There some Advice For survival And The Most Important Thing Gameplay Guide And Tips Which are also Included In This Article Hope You Enjoy Read This ultimate Review And Gameplay Valheim Stay Tuned For More Updates

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