PUBG Free Week has been opened forever

As early as the end of July, a prophet broke the news that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will start a free week in mid-August, and this may open forever free in the future Everyone’s reactions to the revelation were different, and more players still found it untrustworthy. But just the day before yesterday, PUBG officially announced a 7-day free trial event from August 10th to August 17th. Many players have already started to “explode their hair”, saying that the 7-day experience can be said to be very “persuade to quit

PUBG Free Week

since the launch of PUBG in 2017, the craze for eating chicken has only increased, but with the emergence of more substitutes and imitators, PUBG will also fall into the problem of insufficient newcomers. In this wave of 7-day free trial play, Blue Hole also expressed hope More players who have not purchased can experience this game. However, in view of the poor experience of “plug-ins” and newcomers that everyone is worried about, the possibility of matching new players in the high-end arena is still not large. New players can take this opportunity to experience the essence of the game

PUBG Free Week But for Novices playing PUBG must understand

Now PUBG’s free trial week has started. For players who want to try the game seriously, many people will encounter some problems, such as high latency and dropped ping. For FPS games, delaying the ping is equivalent to having no sense of participation in the box, and it is even more anxious to run the poisonous place, so as a novice, it is common sense to play this type of game and turn on the accelerator. Xiaobian today is an old-brand accelerator-Qiyou E-sports Accelerator, which has been in operation for 7 years. It is guaranteed and you can get started with confidence.

The 7th Anniversary of Qiyou Accelerator

Qiu e-sports accelerator is designed for PC acceleration. The e-sports-level standard network optimization can effectively solve the problems of player login, disconnection, delay, packet loss, etc.! At present, the accelerator has entered its 7th year, and the acceleration effect is stable. Customer service Correspondingly quickly, it is a must for players who like to play online games! From August 12th to August 14th, Qiu ushered in its 7th anniversary. During the anniversary, the price of SVIP dropped! The annual card is only 237 yuan, which is low To 19.75 yuan/month! Buying a monthly card is also a 7-year low, only 27 yuan. It is an early adopter for newcomers, and renewal for old users is very cost-effective

gift for SVIP members on the 7th anniversary of Qiyou Accelerator]

On August 12, Qiu celebrated its 7th anniversary. In order to give back to players for their 7 years of company and support, at this anniversary event, we also prepared a generous gift for SVIP players-Logitech Astro A50 headset, Logitech G102 mouse, Gifts such as keyboard, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset, Strange Hunter’s Blind Box, SVIP Year Card, Extraordinary Gifts for 7th Anniversary of Qiyou, Ubisoft 2K Game Activation Code. Players who are already members, no matter if they buy or not, can go and grab a handful

PUBG is currently in a free trial, whether it will become a permanent free game in the future is actually unknown. If it becomes free forever, what compensation will the players who paid before have? Everyone can continue to pay attention to the wave. Friends who need to buy accelerators can snap up purchases at the 7th Anniversary Celebration of Ten Thousand Tour


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