Ace Racing S2 new cars new tracks

The all-new season of “Ace Racing an unusual road racing mobile game, “Off-Road Action” officially kicked off today! Five new cars, two new tracks, bounty games, ace gameplay, and limited wheels and Exquisite fashion renewal appearance is waiting for you to experience! In late summer and early autumn, off-road action, let us drive together and ride on the track of the Festival of Speed!

A mobile racing game where you “ACE”  the car’s appearance and hone your driving skills

Ace Racing S2 is mobile racing games

Massive new content, racing track waiting for you to experience

Brand-new cars and tracks have always been popular among drivers. As the new season is approaching, the cars and tracks in the game will also welcome “new members In the new season, there are five new cars on the line. The Ford F150 and Land Rover Defenders belong to the real camp. They are known for hardcore driving and have excellent off-road capabilities; the virtual camp has three new members including the Shining, Titan, and Devil Ray. Titans also have them. Excellent off-road performance, while the Shining and Manta have a sci-fi supercar appearance, they are good at track racing. The five newly added cars all have unique ace tactics and passive skills. Come and drive them personally. !

Regarding the race track, two brand-new racetracks, vertical and horizontal canyons, and dams are open. One is located in the intricate canyon and the other is located in the rough and desolate desert. The scenery is completely different, bringing different racing pleasures to the drivers. Driving Wouldn’t it be beautiful to take a trip on a cross-country trip?

This mobile racing game has three ways to play, unlimited drag racing new experience! 

The bounty game and the ace battle zone game that has attracted much attention from drivers will be opened at the beginning of the season. If you feel that 3V3 or 6-person individual racing cannot show your strength, the bounty competition will be your best choice! The bounty competition is a fair racing mode involving 64 drivers, all players will use the same level of racing Compete with the same nitrogen configuration and cannot use the chip. Through 6 rounds of 1V1 confrontation, attack the champion! If you win, you will get rich gold coins, chip treasure chests, gift points, and other rewards!

The brand-new ace battle zone gameplay is the best proof of your superb driving skills! Drivers will increase or decrease the ace points for using vehicles when participating in qualifying. Through the ace-point leaderboard, drivers can know their own strength rankings in different regions, whether they become the strongest at the city level, or the strongest at the provincial level, it is up to you! Not only that, each car has its own uniqueness Are you ready to climb to the top of the national server rankings?

In addition, the Ace Festival of Speed ​​has also upgraded the morphing brawl players that are loved by the drivers. In this season, the morphing brawl gameplay will be applied to more tracks, more cars will participate in it, and the appearance will be increased. Accessories for riders to choose!

Fashion and wheels are new, and personalized dress shines in the audience! 

If you want to be the focus of the game, in addition to tempering your driving skills, you can also work hard on the shape of your car. At the Ace Speed ​​Festival, drivers can freely adjust the paint, painting, car stickers, light strips, posture, etc. of the car to create a cool ace car. After today’s update, the two new limited-edition wheels of Mars and Electronic Pulse will be put on the shelves for a limited time. They not only look cool, but also have exclusive driving and drifting special effects, and the visual effects are very outstanding

You who are at the forefront of fashion, don’t miss the new fashions of the season. The new “Dark Night Dawn” suit will lead a variety of new fashions online. Incarnate as a future soldier, with a touch of bright yellow like a dazzling blade of light, cut through the night and bring the dawn of victory. Put on your new suit and you are the absolute protagonist of the track!

New car, new track, new clothes, and a new journey! Unusual road casual racing mobile game “Ace Racing” S2 season “Off-Road Action” kicked off today, massive content is coming, invite you to experience! Go to the official website to download the game, Set off now, log in to the game and get a Porsche 911 to send you, hurry up and act!

About Ace Racing

“Ace Racing” is a new product racing mobile game developed by NetEase. Players will play a professional driver to participate in the Ace Festival of Speed ​​competition. There are a large number of racing cars in the game. There are not only real cars authorized by the car factory but also many surreal prototype cars, which can be driven by the players. With the unique racing ace skill system, each car has its own exclusive skills, and the national supercar can also share the racing fun with luxury supercars. More than a dozen real-life racing tracks, cross them, and experience the thrill of infinite drag racing!

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