Valheim shadow figure: How to find ghost odin

Since Valheim‘s Early Access launch in early February 2021, rumors have been circulating the internet about a shadowy figure chasing players. This mysterious figure only appears to some players and is quite difficult to spot. Here’s why we think it’s Odin and how you might be able to find him in Valheim.

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Vilhelm’s shadow figure spotted

Players were reporting being stalked by a shadowy, mysterious figure in Valheim. Some players even took screenshots of the shadow figure First believed to be the Grim Reaper, the current working theory is that it is the All-Father himself, Odin.

In Norse mythology, Odin is called the Allfather, Thor’s father. He has an eye, which he traded in mythology for cosmic wisdom. Odin also disguises himself as a hooded traveler with staff or spear and cloak.

Judging by the screenshots so far, the shadowy figure in Valheim is very likely Odin. The game’s premise also fits this theory as players take on the role of Viking souls and survive in purgatory to summon and defeat the Forsaken who are enemies of Odin.

How to find Odin in Valheim

If you’re looking for Odin in Valheim, we’ve got bad news for you. The Allfather appears infrequently, and since Valheim features a procedurally generated world, there is no precise location for Odin to appear With that said, you can increase your chances of finding Odin in Valheim by completing certain tasks.

Odin in particular has appeared to Valheim players primarily after defeating a boss. Our guide on how to beat the first boss might help you in this regard.

Odin appears to have an eerie glow around him, and if you get too close to the shadowy figure or try to attack him, he will disappear before your eyes.

All sightings of Odin in Valheim have been in the dark. So if you’re playing at night and defeating a boss, your chances will likely increase. From reports so far, the swamp biome is the most active Odin sighting area.

How to find Odin and Thor in Valheim

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Norse mythology plays a large part in the story, landscapes, and enemies of Valheim, but what many may not know is that as they explore and restore peace to the wilderness, they can discover two Norse deities. At the start of a new campaign in Valheim, a mighty Viking warrior, fallen in battle, is carried by Hugin, one of Odin’s two raven spies, to Valheim, the tenth Norse world to which Odin banished his enemies. Five of these monstrous creatures have become very powerful and it is up to the Viking warrior to defeat them in battle and bring order to the chaos.

The vast world can feel empty and lonely for solo players, although wild boars and wolves can be tamed and at least the latter can accompany you on your travels. But two Norse deities appear in the game from time to time: Odin and Thor.

Finding Odin and Thor in Valheim can be tricky, simply because they are random, extremely brief encounters. However, one can observe its surroundings closely in order not to miss a visit by these famous people. Also, the chances of finding Thor greatly increase as you progress through the game.

How to find Odin in Valheim

Many players have reported seeing a shadowy figure standing some distance from home base or the Viking in Valheim. The figure emits a faint, dark blue aura and watches the Viking with a single, glowing eye. At first, it was difficult to see who or what this figure might be, as it disappears as soon as you approach it. Over time, it was suspected and discovered that this shadowy creature was the Allfather himself.

According to Norse mythology, when Odin traveled through the realms of Yggdrasil, he donned the disguise of a cloaked traveler. In the legends, Odin also traded one of his eyes for wisdom. This fits very well with the guise some have seen in the game.

Odin is mostly spotted randomly, but you can use the console command spawn, Odin, to make the character appear just in front of you. Once he’s spawned, he’ll disappear if you get within 20 meters of him or more than 50 meters from him. Arrows and other ranged weapons have no effect.

Though somewhat spooky at first glance, it is now speculated that Odin is simply there to watch the Vikings progress in defeating the monsters that roam Valheim. One should take his appearance as a support rather than a threat.

How to find Thor in Valheim

Odin isn’t the only character from Norse mythology to appear in Valheim. The weather in Valheim can be spectacular, with violent storms interrupting sunny days. Thor was also seen traveling across the sky in his chariot drawn by rams during some of these thunderstorms. While the chariot’s shadow is sometimes difficult to see in overcast weather, Thor also announces himself with an erratic streak of bluish lightning moving in a single direction.

Thor is very rarely sighted in the early stages of Valheim, and it can be many days before he is seen if you manage to catch a glimpse of him at all. However, you can increase the frequency with which Thor will spawn by finding and defeating the fourth boss, Dragonmother, in the mountains. Once you hang her trophy, Thor has a 50% chance to spawn during a thunderstorm.

Odin in Norse mythology & Valheim


Ghosts are called aggressive creatures primarily identified in Burial Chambers and even Black Forests. Mostly, they have glowing purple eyes and are dark.


At the present moment, we are not sure whether ghosts are creatures or myths. But we have probably heard about them in our cultures for a more extended period. 


Maybe have you come across the Valheim ghost? It is one of the many ghosts that people here all over. Of course, this kind of ghost is not dangerous and doesn’t have a history of a physical attack. 


Perhaps, this is the best moment for us to go through the origin of Odin ghosts, whether it is a myth. The ghost is mainly associated with Valheim players. Most of them claim to see a figure watching over them as they play. 


Maybe let’s look at what the Odin ghost is, its origin, and its beliefs. 


Valheim Odin


Valeheim contains foundations from Norse mythology and is associated with the Vikings. People believe that Odin is a God known to be the king and father of Asgard. So far, he appears when playing valheim. 


So far, Odin contains only one eye. In Norse mythology, it is believed that Odin sacrificed the other eye to attain more power. There are moments when the remaining eye glows. 


Other than that, Odin wears a traveler’s cloak and has a walking stick. In that manner, it helps him to visit the human territory easily. That makes it easier to explain what the mysterious figure looks like. 


In short, the god visits his players quite often to determine if they can stay within his kingdom. The kingdom that Odin rules is known as the Valhalla. 


What Odin does to the game is indicate that there are much better things that are yet to come as it progresses. At the moment, people do not have a complete explanation of the Norse mythology valheim. 


The Odin ghost appears and disappears strangely without anyone understanding how it came across. But a better explanation comes from the association of the ghost with the Viking myth. 


Likewise, the ghost resembles Odin. That makes it easier for people to explain that the strange figure is the Odin from the Norse mythology responsible for keeping watch of valheim players.


How Will You Find Odin?


Perhaps, you may find yourself on a mission where you wish to find Odin. Either you get some good news on seeing him or bad ones. However, most people state that it is rare to spot valhem Odin. 


Remember, there is no specific location where you may identify Odin. However, one may increase the chances of identifying all father. Maybe that includes performing certain kinds of tasks. 


In most cases, the ghost often appears to valheim players, and they become victors. Some players spotted the ghost, indicating that it contained an eerie glow. If you move closer or even try to cause an attack, the ghost will vanish.


That indicates that Odin is not that dangerous and likes to keep watch over his kingdom. Most people suggest that they sight the ghost during night hours.


In that manner, if one wishes to spot him, then it is during the night hours. It would also help if you focused on defeating a boss because Odin values victors. 


Other sources of information indicate that visiting the Swamp biome is the best ideal location to sight Odin. 


Do Valheim Players Spot Odin?


When valheim players spot Odin, it becomes one of the strangest things. Most of the players claim to have spotted the valheim Odin wearing a cloak. They state that the ghost keeps watching over them after defeating a boss. 


Remember, the game came across just recently. Valheim is becoming more popular and exciting in the gaming world. That one alone dismantles the cluster that is often created by survival games. 


You will identify coexisting players in the valheim game. That one alone progresses to make the game very interesting to watch. In most cases, the game becomes interesting with the mysteries that surround the players. 


Remember, the game is often played during night hours, which increases the chance of observing the ghost. There are several players at the present moment, with screenshots indicating images of the ghost. 


As they progress to defeat a boss, some players watch valheim Odin appear. A recent screenshot from a fan named “Scoobysnackloveri” shows a cloaked figure approaching them during night hours. 


Another individual known as Reddit posted a picture showing the Odin ghost. That image indicates a mysterious figure that holds a cane and keeps watching over him from a distance. 


Of course, several people are yet to have this experience. Maybe you are one of those anticipating coming across this strange figure at one moment. 


At the present moment, several theories are trying to suggest the existence of this god. However, there is one that the majority of the fans attempt to believe.


One theory is that Odin loves watching over velheim players. From the theory, he provides them with the powers to defeat a boss. One important thing is that Odin loves looking over his Valhalla. 


At least if one becomes victorious, then Odin feels so happy. Remember, the theory suggests that Odin values watching the game in a mortal form. 


Other fans believe that, for Odin to appear, then a player needs to do something that gains some favor from the all father. Of course, this is not a restriction to a specific biome located in valheim. 


Explanations from other people indicate that Odin comes to identify gamers regardless of the location they are at the present moment. If you want to watch the mysterious image for a more extended period, do not move closer to it or even threaten to attack.


A particular user claimed to have the mysterious image after it appeared in their game. The user remained calm without moving closer to it for a certain period. However, after he decided to move closer to it, it converted to a Greydwarf Shaman. 


Of course, it is very accurate that the mysterious figure often vanishes after players decide to move closer to it. If you read stories from Norse mythology, you will realize that they justify this mysterious figure. 


The theory illustrates that Odin wears a cloak and has a walking stick. He then watches over his human kingdom whenever he feels like doing so. Some players have moved closer to the figure and suggest that it contains only one glowing eye. 


Most of the available evidence points out that gamers’ mysterious figure is Odin. The all-father watches what people do to overcome tests in life. With that in mind, it indicates that Odin watches over players as they control his kingdom, the Valhalla. 


Spotting Odin in a Videogame

Perhaps, you may begin to think about watching a video game or playing one. Of course, watching a video game provides the same excitement as you would have played it. 

When watching a video game, one anticipates finding strange things such as doors, among other things. In that manner, you enjoy yourself a lot as you progress.

Of course, Odin is present in a video game, which makes it even more enjoyable. The most recent indie game termed Valheim is gaining popularity over time. 

If you pay closer attention, you spot Easter eggs. Of course, the game offers a lot of things, including biomes. When one takes more immediate attention to them, there are chances of spotting Odin. 

What makes the game interesting is that it contains the Viking afterlife. At least that brings some form of sense into it because Odin is mainly linked to the Vikings. 

The video game’s storyline is that the Norse gods always visit the valheim’s purgatory. They do so to determine the Vikings’ progress over time. 

Another game is named “You will find Odin in a Distance.” It is an exciting for one to watch, and if you are interested in seeing Odin, this is the best moment for you. 

In that game, Odin is portrayed containing a shadow with the role of watching over gamers. After that, the shadowy figure disappears within a shorter period. 

If you do not pay close attention, you might miss out on spotting the figure. Remember, the figure wears a hooded cloak and a walking stick. 

Other than that, the god is located far away for one to notice his face. What makes one see the difference between the Odin and other clocked figures is the glowing eye. 

According to Norse mythology, Odin sold one eye to gain more power over his kingdom. That way, you always see images of the god containing only one glowing look.

Odin in the Norse Mythology

The Norse mythology identifies Odin as a significant deity in its kingdom. The god has got the power to watch over his people. According to beliefs, god watches over people as they defeat a boss. If one becomes victorious, then he gets the chance to join the Valhalla and stay with Odin. 

The game lore indicates that the all-father is responsible for people being in Valheim. That becomes the god containing the power to command Valkyries, who progress to look for the finest warriors. 

After they find the greatest warriors, they return to the god’s massive and royal hall present in Asgard. According to the myth, warriors in Asgard would take a feast on a bull slaughtered daily. Every evening, the bull is then made whole. 

Such warriors often drink liquor, which is constantly flowing from the udders of a goat. Other than that, the available sport for them is fighting each other. Therefore, with that in mind, they will stay until the Ragnarok. 

However, it is not that easier for one to spot the god. Of course, you may come across some people that say they have identified the all-father on some occasions.

Other than that, the god does not appear in one single place for all the players. Of course, that is a significant advantage because there are chances of spotting him at varied locations. 

Those players that have defeated several bosses claim to have spotted all father. If one defeats a boss, there are higher possibilities of seeing the god. Additionally, do not move closer to the figure because it will vanish within a blink of an eye. Likewise, the Odin comes at night, meaning if you watch games, then continue to stay hopeful of finding him. 


Perhaps, the idea of ghosts often scares some people off. Some ghosts seem dangerous because they are associated with bad omens in certain cultures However, when it comes to Odin, the ghost is very calm and is associated with success. Odin is termed as the all-father responsible for watching over his people So far, the god originates from Norse mythology and is associated with the Vikings. The Norse mythology indicates that Odin wears a cloak and contains a stick to watch over his kingdom It is believed that Odin is very calm and contains power. If one overcomes tests created in life, Odin, welcomes him to his kingdom to stay with him. 

Other than that, several players claim to have spotted Odin. So far, most of them are those that have won several bosses. Remember, the Norse mythology indicates that Odin loves victorious individuals Furthermore, the god rules over his kingdom, known as the Valhalla. Each individual who wins can visit the domain that the god rules overIf one wants to spot the god, it is during the night. Most gamers do so during the night when they have spotted the go. If you are interested in spot one, then take your time and have hope during these moments.Additionally, one may prefer to watch various video games that contain Odin. At least they try to provide a clearer picture of Odin. Also, in case you are hopeful of seeing him, remember not to move closer to the image because it will vanish.  

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