Hollow Knight Walkthrough The Adventure Game

Hollow Knight is a platform action-adventure game of Galactic Castlevan The protagonist will explore and adventure in a huge underground kingdom. The map of this underground kingdom is intricate and complicated. Players can go to many places after gaining basic sprint and wall jumping abilities in the early stage.

  1. This is very free and good, but it will also cause the player to encounter some tricky BOSS when the protagonist is not strong enough.
  2. So here we recommend a process with a relatively reasonable difficulty curve.
  3. Note: As mentioned above, the process of “Hollow Knight” has considerable freedom, and the recommended process of this guide is for reference only.
  4. Free exploration and choosing the path you want to take will enhance your adventure experience. This is also a great fun of Galactic Castlevania

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight process recommendation

Only the sequence of map exploration and the acquisition of key props and abilities are explained here For the specific exploration process of each map and the collection of all amulets, we will open a separate guide for detailed instructions, click on the hyperlink in the text to view.

Hollow Knight Forgotten Cross

Obtain props: map (remember to go back to Dartmouth halfway, go to the store to buy a feather pen ).

Acquired Ability: Soul of Vengeance (Hatsuma Fist, obtained from the snail shaman after defeating the BOSS fake knight).

Hollow Knight Green Path

Turn left from the Forgotten Crossing to the Green Path Acquired Ability: Moth Wing Cloak (obtained by sprinting, after defeating the BOSS Hornet).

Canyon of the Mist (passing by)

At the bottom right of the green path, enter the canyon of fog At this stage, it is impossible to fully explore the Canyon of the Fog, just passing by.

Fungus wasteland

From the canyon of fog down, to the Queen’s Station, into the fungus wasteland.

Acquired Ability: Praying Mantis Claw (jumping on the wall

After getting the mantis claws, you can return to the canyon of fog, go to the hills full of plants first, and get the ability: howling ghosts Challenge the mantis lord at the bottom of the mantis village to get the amulet [Mark of Pride], which greatly increases the melee attack range, which is very practical. You can also wait to go to the City of Tears and come back to challenge after upgrading your weapons.

In the early stage of the “Hollow Knight” process, we will come to the Mist Canyon from the green path. But at this time we still can’t explore this area, nor can we buy a map here.

  •   So, first, pass through the canyon of fog.
  •   Come back and explore again.
  •   Below are some elements of the Mist Canyon area.
  •         In the early stage, we descended from the green path into the canyon of fog.

New monsters, large and small jellyfish, appeared on the road. Small jellyfish are easy to bully, but big jellyfish are not easy to provoke. After killing them, their core will track and bomb you, exploding and causing 2 physical damage down, we will come to the Queen’s Station. Save a file, unlock the station, and then we will explore the fungal wasteland.


Hollow Knight Walkthrough

In the small room on the left at the bottom of the Mist Canyon, we can meet the banker Deposits can be made here. After the deposit reaches 4500, good things will happen… You will find that the banker has run away. We are going to the Happy House in the City of Tears to find her, and we will get back all the benefits and profit.

However, after we had some money in the early stage, we had to buy lanterns first 1800 them in the store in Dartmouth. In addition, go to the amulet merchants at the Forgotten Crossroads to buy amulets and amulet slots, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of the early process.

  So, don’t rush to save money here.

City of tears

From the fungus wasteland to the right, to enter the city of tears, you need to pass through challenging terrain with mantis claws Entering the City of Tears, we couldn’t reach the location of the map merchant immediately Fortunately, there are not many routes choices at this time, all the way down, first go to the nail maker to strengthen the bone nails.

On the way, you will encounter a new enemy “Sentinel”. Its attack method is similar to the previous mantis, but it is not recommended to jump around the back because its attack has an upward range and is easily knocked down. Either seduce a move or rush to dodge after an early shot.

Follow the arrow directions on the map above, all the way to the sail-maker’s house, and spend 250 gio to upgrade the bone nails.

First: weapon upgrade;

Acquired Ability: Desolate Dive (Smash down the spell and obtain after defeating the BOSS Soul Master The soul of vengeance can be upgraded → The soul of shadow (power increase, can not be obtained at this stage, you need to go to the crystal mountain to obtain the owner’s key, and then go to the shop in Dartmouth to buy the elegant key to open a room in the city of tears.

In the City of Tears, you can sell the collected items such as the wanderer’s diary and the seal of the holy nest to merchants. You can get a lot of money. Next, you will buy lanterns.

Save 1800 gigs, go to the store in Dartmouth to buy fluorescent lanterns

If you have spent a lot of money before and there is still left over on you, go to Forgotten Crossroads and find the amulet merchant at the bottom right to buy an amulet and amulet slot. Obtaining these items early can reduce the difficulty of the next game.

Crystal mountain

Turn right from the Forgotten Crossing to the Crystal Peak Acquired ability: Crystal Heart (Super Sprint Obtained props: pale ore (you need to obtain the double jump ability in the ancient basin to obtain Shopkeeper’s key (hand it to Sly to unlock more goods)

Resting place

Obtain weapons: dream nails you can see other people’s inner words, attack the enemy to absorb the soul Obtaining props Use the dream nail to collect the essence of dreams. After reaching a certain value, talk to the prophet to obtain a series of props and abilities Among the more critical ones are Pale ore, the essence of a dream that reaches 300 points, used to upgrade weapons Dream gate ( ability ), the essence of dream reaches 900 points, and a teleportation point can be set.

Upgrade weapons

Collect 300 points of Dream Essence, exchange for 1 piece of pale ore , go to the City of Tears to upgrade weapons

Power slash
Go to the far left end of the Green Path, find Bone Nail Master Xio, and learn the powerful Bone Nail move (charged slash )

Ancient basin
Enter the right half of the city of tears from the resting place, and then enter the ancient basin from the bottom of the city of tears At this stage, you can obtain the ability: Emperor’s Wings ( double jump, obtained after defeating the BOSS and broken container.

  • Go to the top of Crystal Mountain to get pale ore
  • Go to the City of Tears, upgrade your weapons, and consume 2 pale ore

When going to the Crystal Mountain, you can stop by the Crystal Hill at the right end of the map to obtain an upgraded version of Barren Dive→ Darkness comes (power increase, invincibility time)

Howling Cliff
From the place where we were born at the beginning of the game, go to the upper left to reach the Howling Cliff.

Obtaining bone nails: whirlwind slashing ;

Obtained amulet: [Johnny’s Blessing All stamina points are turned into blue life blood, and the upper limit of stamina is greatly increased, which will be used next).

Edge of the kingdom

From the sewer gap on the right side of the bottom of the King’s Station (the bottom of the corner, as shown in the picture below) to the right, you can enter the border of the kingdom.

Main line item: Mark of the King (obtained by defeating the BOSS Queen Bumblebee)

hollow.knight walkthrough

Acquire Bone Nail Maneuvers: Sprint, Slash and Slash (At this point, all three bone nail maneuvers are available. Go back to Dartmouth and find Merchant Slay to get the amulet: The glory of the bone nail master, which can shorten the energy accumulation of the bone nail maneuver time Obtained props: amulet slot (obtained after completing the first trial at the Colosseum of Fools Pale Ore (obtained after completing the second trial at the Colosseum of Fools).

Ancient basin

Came here again, down to the bottom of the abyss Acquired ability: Mothwing cloak upgrade→ shadow cloak (there is invincible time in the sprint, at the bottom right end, the statue audience can get it by soaking in the black water cup for a while Howling ghost upgrade→ Abyss screaming (power increase, can be obtained by releasing a howling ghost in the room on the bottom left.

In the position below, there is a door. The protagonist needs 15 blue stamina (life blood) to open the door, and inside it can get the talisman [life blood core Here we need to use the aforementioned amulet [Johnny’s Blessing], plus the amulet [Life and Blood Heart], of course, the protagonist’s own physical strength must be enough.

Royal waterway
Acquired ability: Tears of Isma (will not be injured in acid water)

Canyon of the Mist
This time I came to the Canyon of the Mist, mainly passing by, going to the Queen’s Garden… But we now have the shadow cloak and Isma’s tears . We can go through the “Black Gate” or swim in the acid water, just by the way. Break this map By the way, you can also go to the teacher’s file coffin, defeat the BOSS Umm, and pass the “teacher” part of the main storyline.

Queen’s Garden

  • Obtained props: the key of love (used to open the door of the tower of love)
  • Mask fragments (combine with the other half to form a talisman [King’s Soul])

Tower of Love

  • The location of the Tower of Love is next door to the edge of the kingdom.
  • Defeat the BOSS collector and get the prop: the collector’s map (mark the location of the caterpillar on the map).

City of tears

  • Next to the Tower of Love is the City of Tears. Drop by to the Watcher’s Spire in the City of Tears and skip the “Watcher” part of the main storyline.
  • At this stage, it should not be difficult to fight the Warden Knight x5 boss battle.

Deep nest

  • Obtained props: Pale Ore (obtained after defeating BOSS Nosk),
  • Tram Pass (a tram route that opens deep nests, ancient basins, and the edge of the kingdom).
  • Then here, I passed the “Beast” part of the main storyline.


  • In the position shown in the figure below, hit the Vengeful Soul against the wall to enter the hive.
  • Obtained amulet [Blood of the Beehive]

Collect 31 caterpillars

The map of collectors has been obtained in the Tower of Love above. Collecting 31 caterpillars should not be a big problem After collecting 31 caterpillars, go to Forgotten Crossroads to find Grandpa Caterpillar to obtain pale ore If all the caterpillars are collected, a plot will be triggered: after talking to the caterpillar grandfather, save it and go back to see him to trigger it.

Go to the city of tears and upgrade your weapons

Collect 1800 dream essences, talk to the prophet, and obtain the awakened dream nail This is to reach the second and third endings. If you just want to watch the first ending, you don’t need this condition, you can go to fight the final boss now. After playing the final boss, you can continue to play after reading the file To collect the essence of dreams, you need to find the “Root of Whispers” and challenge the “Warriors in Action”. For related collections, we will open a separate strategy description.

White palace
After obtaining the awakened dream nail, go to the ancient basin, and use the dream nail against the statue to enter the white palace At the end of the White Palace, you can get the plot props: White Shards Two pieces of white fragments are combined to become a talisman [King’s Soul]

Ancient basin
Wearing the [King’s Soul] amulet, once again came to the bottom of the ancient basin, the abyss A cave will be opened here, all the way down, there is an “egg” at the end of the cave, use the dream nail on it to trigger the plot.

Ultimate BOSS

Go to Forgotten Cross Road, Black Egg Temple, and challenge the final boss In the final BOSS battle, the Hornet appeared on the scene to control the BOSS, continue the BOSS with bone nails, and trigger ending 2 If you use the dream nail to attack the boss, ending 3 will be triggered, and you will face the hidden boss.

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