How to beat Fuling Totem and Yagluth in Valheim

Valheim – How to beat Fuling

How to beat Fuling in Valheim? A dynamic and exciting action adventure that introduces us to Scandinavian mythology and engages us in a series of exciting events The plot takes us into a vast fantasy world that players must conquer to receive the blessings of the gods.

Fuling Totems

Action How do you fight Fuling in Valheim and restore the totem?

Each biome is ruled by different creatures. In the grey steppe, there are grey dwarves of the dark forest, suitings and declared elites of the swamps, ferns, and wolves of the mountains, so the plains biome itself is home to different types of filings and deadly dances The Plains biome is filled with creatures such as Furin and Melee Furin, Furin and Furin Shaman. stuffing We need to collect five Fuling Totems, put them in the sacrificial bowl on the altar, and start the battle with Chief Jagroot.

Totem of deception. – Statues found in the Plains biome. It can be obtained in towns and buildings in Fuling. The berserkers of Fuling rarely break away from the totems of Fuling Fuling is a goblin-like creature that lives in the plains community. If they were alone, they could easily be killed. However, these creatures prefer to always camp in groups in the villages of France. They also have classes with unique abilities: Shaman and Berserker.

You can find the shaman Fulinga in the village of Fuling along with Fuling and Fuling’s cattle. You must first try to defeat the shaman in Fuling in the village battle. Because they can make other nearby Filings stronger for some time Fulling-Berserkers are stronger versions of Fillings. They swing big clubs and cause serious injuries to players.

Advice on how to kill Flynn?

To attack weaker Fowlins, you need at least 80 armor и level 4 silver shield to stop a full sporadic. You can repel his scuffle and run assaults Stopping gives you a chance to attack with a good melee weapon. This blow is enough to instantly kill a sporadic person on the ground.

To shoot them with ranged weapons, you’ll need a Frostbolt or a quiver with a tier 4 hunter bow. A sporadic charge couldn’t be easier, a 2-star charge wouldn’t stop it, only partially blocked with a strong shield. You must keep these creatures away from other Fillings to effectively dodge their attacks and defeat them.

It’s best to quietly kill these creatures one at a time. If you are spotted and attacked in a group, you must use tools such as BatonPorcupine, and Frostner with high damage and high drop. If all the Fulin Shamans in the group are dead, you should focus on destroying Fulin and Rampage Archer.

Berserkers use their big sticks to fight three different types of attacks. A swing attack from right to left, a stronger swing attack from left to right, and 3 headshots in a row after the roar animation.

Killing these enemies will give you coins, shards of black metal, and totems of filing. Remember, you must collect five totems or you can avoid killing the Fuling shaman completely. Instead, you can explore the Plains biome to find five of them in fake forts and villages.

Here’s all you need to know to defeat the Fuling Shaman and get the Fuling Totem in Valheim. If you have anything to add, feel free to post it in the comments below.

defeat Yagluth in Valheim

Fuling Totem

The last part of our Valheim bosses guide is dedicated to the giant skeleton Yagluth, the final boss of the game. Here are all the requirements, tips, and tricks to deal with and kill the monster of the plains.

How to find the Yagluth skeleton

Our first stop in the fight against the boss is to find the runestone that marks the position of his altar. To find him, you must explore the plains, paying attention to the areas with four large stones that surround the tablet.

How to summon Yagluth

Once you have the position of the altar of Yagluth in your possession with the runestone of the plains, it is time to go for it with five totems. The only way to get hold of them is to scrutinize the Fuling houses around the plains.

Another option is to take down the Fuling to see if they drop any, but it’s one of the toughest items, and needing to carry five Fuling totems to the altar doesn’t make it any easier.

Tips to defeat Yagluth

Yagluth ‘s attacks range from fire to meteors, but they’re relatively easy to dodge and you can always run to nearby rocks to avoid getting hit. It’s slow, yes, but also deadly.

The ice bow and arrows will become your great allies to be able to keep your distance and prevent your fire attacks from damaging you excessively. In any case, make sure you come with enough food and the best bow and armor you can make.

Drops: Yagluth Thing, Yagluth Trophy

Yagluth can be found in the plains, and you need to burn five Fuling Totems on its altar. You can find Fuling Totems in the village of Fuling in the plains but be warned – these guys will fight. You’ll find the exact location of Yagluth by searching for tall standing stones found throughout the Plains biome.

Yagluth has no legs or arms, just a skeletal torso that crawls towards you in combat. Yagluth can summon meteor showers, and can also hit the ground, causing shock waves He has a staggering flamethrower assault that will obliterate right away if you don’t watch out The upside is that it’s slow, so it’s easy to avoid if you’re careful. Both arrows and melee attacks work on Yagluth; you just have to wait for an opportunity to strike him.

Yagluth is the final boss, so prepare accordingly. Bring plenty of health potions and crafting black metal gear if you can. Defeat Fuling and raid their villages and you’ll find a lot of black metal ore. After defeating Yagluth, you will receive the Yagluth Thing and Yagluth’s head.

The purpose of Yagluth Thing is unknown, just a placeholder item. Return the head to the sacrificial stone area and you will gain the power of Yagluth, which reduces damage from elemental attacks such as fire, frost, and poison.

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