The Best Mobile Video Games In 2022-2023


The Best Mobile Video Games In 2022

We all run to our mobile phones whenever we are idle, and one of the best ways to keep ourselves busy is by playing mobile video games. The good thing with a mobile video game is that you can play it whenever you are since a phone is portable and one of the essentials you will carry. And did you know that some mobile video games will pay you when you play? Yes, this is one of the benefits of mobile video games. So you don’t just play for fun but can earn a living through some mobile video games.

Mobile video games are fun and can be played by both children and grownups. Most mobile video games are user-friendly and easy to play, giving you the necessary enjoyment. You can download some mobile video games and play offline, while you need an internet connection to play others. In this article, we will look at three mobile video games; mafia city, marvel Snap and earn to die 2.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Video Game

Look at the accessibility. How to access the game matters. The most preferred video games are those you can access through a phone. This is because it is easy to carry a phone and easy to use as well. Playing using a phone is more comfortable and affordable for most people, so you need to choose the games accessible through a phone.

The cost of playing the game. The game you choose must be affordable. You shouldn’t spend more than your plans, or you can afford a game, so choose a game that is within your budget. The good thing is that some video games are free and will give you almost the same excitement as paid ones.

Customer reviews are next to look at when choosing a mobile video game. When choosing a mobile video game, looking at customer reviews will save you a lot. It’s good to know whether those who have played the game are satisfied or not. When you go through the customer reviews, you will know more about the game, and it will be easy to decide.

Terms and conditions of playing the game. Every mobile video game has terms and conditions for playing the game, so you need to read them to see whether you will adhere to the rules of the games. In addition, some games have an age limit, so you need to check to play the right game for your age if you are a child.

Consider the type of game to choose. Different video games are available, like puzzle games, shooters, RPGs etc. So you need to know which kind of game to choose. Choosing the game that will interest you will be more enjoyable.

What are the offers? Being a good player is rewarded in different ways depending on the game you choose. Therefore, you need to research the offers for the game you want to make the right choice.

Mafia City

Mafia City

This game is available on iOS and Android phones; hence easy to access it and play it whenever you are. The strategy game was launched on March 30, 2017, from YattaGames and it entails building and upgrading buildings and investments using resources’ cash and cargo, arms, metal and gold. Each resource is used at a different level, with gold used at the highest level. It’s a battle kind of a game where you will have a defensive side and an offensive side.

This game is not free, and you have to spend for you to win. Players can spend from $1000 to $10,000. The big spenders are obviously advantageous since they have more playing resources than the small spender. However, there are other ways you can try and still defeat them. You need to learn the tricks of the game first to be in a position to win. You should have the skills to build and upgrade builders faster than competitors, train troops, fight the enemy and complete the mission.

  1.  You need to follow the right process to win the game, which is
  2. Know your mission and play aiming at your mission
  3. Upgrade your mansion to get more resources, power and speed.
  4. Teach your troops tactics
  5. Attack the enemy

You should look for better ways to upgrade the city by upgrading different types of buildings like hospitals, clubs etc. you should also equip your troops well and build hiding places for them. You will have four main types of troops; bulkers (combaters and tankers), shooters, bikers and vehicles. Every troop plays a different role, and the set of troops you will choose will determine how successful you will be. Many players prefer tankers and bikers and rarely use other troops. Tankers act as defensive troops, and their work is to protect the combaters from being killed, so the more the tankers, the more you will be able to attack the enemy. If all your tankers die, your enemies will attack all your troops.

How to Create a Mafia City Account

  1. Click the image at the top left
  2. Settings
  3. Account
  4. Start a new game
  5. The account is created

You can create as many mafia city accounts as possible and switch between the accounts with ease. However, your mafia city account can be a big investment since you can sell it to a willing buyer. You must therefore take good care of your account and have a good reputation to sell your account with ease and at a good amount.

Tips for Succeeding in Mafia City

If you want to be the mafia of the city, you must have the right tactics to conquer your enemies. Training your troops is important to equip them with new skills; you must do this regularly. It’s also essential to know that you will have wounded troops in the game, you need to heal these troops to increase your defense team, so you need more upgraded hospitals. You have a maximum number of troops you can send to the battlefield, so even if you have so many of them, you can’t send them at the same time; upgrading the diner gives you chances to increase your troop. Finally, ensure you complete your daily mission or tasks to get more rewards.

Marvel Snap

marvel snap

This is a card game available for iOS, Android and PC open beta. The players are involved in collecting cards, capturing territories and battling. It has been in a beta test state for a long time, and the app is finally being launched on October 18, 2022, by its developers Ben Brode and the second dinner studio. It’s a free game, but if you want to upgrade, you will need to pay for the premium level.

You can spend as much as you wish for this game, and you can also play for free and get the cards you want if you are patient enough. The players fight over locations which are Asgard, Banner’s Gamma Lab, Wakanda, Attilan and Triskelion. Every location applies to specific cards, so you must choose your locations wisely. The prizes in this game are currency and Cosmic Cubes.

This game has not been launched yet. However, you can pre-register to play once the game is launched. Pre-registering will earn you some bonuses in the form of variant cards. If you have an iOS, you will get a variant for Iron man, while Android users will get a hulk card variant. The app is not available right now until October 18, so if you are interested in the game, you can pre-register on the company’s website.

You and your opponent won’t be taking turns since this is a fast-paced game where every game should take 3 minutes or less. You shall therefore play simultaneously to save time. Every card you play will help you access a location. There are three locations, and for you to win, you must control 2 locations.

The game is in beta testing. Developers are trying to see how the game works and what needs to be improved before it’s released to people to access on their phones. However, any person who wants to play before it’s launched can access the beta test to play. This stage helps the developers to know whether the game is performing according to their mission and where there could be problems through feedback from the players.

This game is presented in seasons. For every season, you must purchase a pack to continue playing. The premium level costs $9.99, while the premium+ costs $14.99. For you to play the first ten levels, you have to purchase the premium pack of the game. However, the free-to-play players can also get rewards since all the rewards get back to the pool after the season and are called loot boxes. You can also spend more money on gold, which will allow you to buy loot boxes and variants. Every 24 hours, you will receive free 50 credits.

Completing your weekly task will earn you some gold. You can, however, get more gold by buying them. There are different packages for the gold, so you all need to work with your budget to get the package you want.

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2

This mobile video game is amongst the most exciting video games. It’s a 2D racing game where you drive a car through a dangerous zombie apocalypse, and the zombies will try their best to chase you. The more zombies you destroy, the more money and prizes you collect. You will also be rewarded for the miles you make, so your speed counts. The earn to die 2 app is available in the app store, so downloading it to your phone is easy.

You are supposed to keep driving continuously, and when you stop, the game is over, so you have to keep your finger on the accelerator. You need to be careful when driving downhill, and hence no need to press the acceleration button since you will automatically have the car move at the right speed. You aim to cross the other side, where you will find the rescue ship. Reaching here is full of challenges due to the zombies ready to finish you.

Tips for Overcoming the Zombies

Don’t stop anywhere, instead, keep moving at high speed. Keep off the rotation button to avoid flipping over, which will make the game over.

Your boost should only be used when going uphill. Don’t waste your boosts during other times if not when driving up a hill, road rumps or ramps. If you use your boosts in the wrong places, you won’t have them when you need them.

Take care of the obstacles. The ride is not smooth; you will encounter many obstacles that you need to know how to deal with to keep driving at high speed. There are barriers and boxes on the road that you have to navigate well to avoid zombie attacks. Barriers can destroy your car, and once the car is destroyed, it can’t move far. So you should deal with the barriers in a good manner. Driving too fast over the barriers is dangerous. If you have some cash, you can upgrade your car’s armor, making it harder to lose some parts. Boxes will mostly pop in when you are uphill. This is when you are accelerating and using your boost, so you must be careful and ease the acceleration.

Upgrade the engine and transmission stats of your car. Upgrading your car is important because it will make it not break down and move at a good speed. Amongst the most important upgrades you need are your engine and transmission stats. Upgrading the two means improved speed and hence more rewards.

Your fuel tanks and guns need to be upgraded. Once you have some money, it’s good to purchase a gun to help you fight the zombies. Upgrading your fuel tank is crucial, for it will help you make more miles.

Concentrate on the distance rather than killing zombies. Distance rewards more than killing zombies. You shouldn’t waste time and resources looking for zombies to kill when you have a distance to cover. Instead, try as much as possible to drive a long distance and only kill zombies when necessary.


Why Should You Play Mobile Video Games?

video games benefits

Increases creativity. When you participate in video games, you are able to think more critically. Playing video games regularly will make you a better person when it comes to the level of creativity, for you learn skills to solve various problems and puzzles in the game, which can be transferred in real life.

Has mental benefits. One way of relieving stress is through video gaming. You boost your mood when you feel stressed and participate in video gaming. Video gaming is, therefore, therapeutic for someone with stress or depression.

Video games are fun. If you want to make fun, video gaming is the best way to do it. You can play with your friends or choose a game with more online players to increase the fun. This fun makes one want to spend more and more in the game to reach the next level.

It can improve your work speed. How you do things can be changed by video games. Video games require one to be vigilant for them to win, and these same skills are applied to a daily work routine for those who do video gaming regularly.

It helps avoid idleness. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop so getting busy is very important. With this game, people have something to do, so at no time they are idle. Also, when you get used to video games, you will always think about them, so there is no time to stay idle.

It helps to improve multi-tasking skills. With video games, you get to focus on different things at once to win the game. This places you in a better place to handle more than one thing at once, which will improve your multi-tasking skills.


Final Thoughts

Mobile video games have played a very important role in different people’s lives. There are people that are earning their living through video gaming, so other than doing it for fun; you can be sure you can also earn. Every video game is unique, and when choosing a video game, you must be keen on what you want to make the right choice. You must consider all the considerations when selecting a mobile video game. Since you can spend differently on different video games, it’s good to be disciplined and spend within your budget.

Choose a video game according to your missions or what you like doing. If you want a video game to help you make money, you need to research to know the best game to give you some cash. On the other hand, if you are playing for fun, there is no need to spend too much on it since many other free video games can give you the same excitement.

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