Ever since your first viewing of Jurassic Park, have you dreamed of taking care of your own zoo, with dinosaurs? This is the incredible program of Wonder Zoo, the game in which you have to save animals!

wonder zoo animal rescue

Management games are some of the most popular and addicting games around. And they can be declined on multiple themes, from Football Manager to Sims through Clash of Clans or Anno 1800. There are many on SFR Gaming, including one that allows you to take care of a zoo like no other …

Wonder zoo animal rescue… Save all the Animals In the Zoo

In Wonder Zoo, players must indeed save animals from villainous poachers, which separate them from their families. We must therefore collect them, and leave them between them, build them a place in which they will be as happy as possible, and sometimes even cross some of them, thanks to the advice of experts in the game, to create new amazing species. . Because Wonder Zoo is not a 100% realistic management game, and even takes on a fantastic dimension when it becomes possible to bring in your zoo … dinosaurs!

: singing it in their heads most music lovers will recognize the musical theme of Jurassic Park. And it’s a bit like the cult film that Wonder Zoo looks like when it becomes possible in one of the 7 levels to go back in time and save the dinosaurs. There is no doubt that their presence will attract even more visitors from all over the world, and therefore allow your zoo to prosper, in order to create new facilities to make the life of animals even more and more comfortable.


As in any good management game, there are therefore many elements to take into account in Wonder Zoo: in addition to rescue missions to save animals from poachers, you have to build them suitable and well-placed enclosures, feed them, ensure that they are not alone, and thus allow them to start a family, to preserve their species, or to create new ones, thanks to crosses advised by your expert friends (in the game). Okay though, don’t try to cross a T-Rex with a penguin. Unless…

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