Saints Row 2 cheats for player abilities, game world and weather change.

Saints Row 2 cheats

Saints Row 2 cheats bar fight

Saints Row 2 cheats are a lot of fun and they can make the gameplay a lot more interesting. Sure, you do want to play the game and take it seriously, but if you want to spruce things up and try out something new, then the Saints Row 2 cheats are a great idea. They just make the gameplay innovative and you can play at your own pace. Which does make you wonder, what are the cheats for Saints Row 2? Here are some of the best. Available at Steam

How can you access Saints Row 2 cheats?

In order to access the Saints Row 2 cheats, you will need to use the in-game cellphone. The game will block autosave for you as you play, and you can’t obtain achievements if you cheat either. Additionally, save files that have cheats active are marked using an orange star. In addition, if you play coop with a friend, then both of you will have the savegames marked as cheated saves. Also, if you activate cheats in the game, that might freeze statistics. Once you enter a cheat in your phone, it remains in the cellphone forever.

Codes for player abilities

#1 gives you full heats
#2 offers a car mass hole
#3 provides extra powerful muscles
#4 increases the police notoriety
#5 makes both attack types to pratfall
#6 offers infinite sprinting
#9 will not require you to reload anymore
#11 helps you get infinite ammo for all your weapons
#35 will increase the gang notoriety
#36 means you will never die, you become invincible.
#50 gives no cop notoriety
#51 removes the gang notoriety
#200 makes you a giant player
#201 makes you a tiny player
#2274666399 gives you $1000

Codes for the game world

#202 shrinks everyone in the game world
#7 offers super explosions
#8 makes the saints very powerful
#15 will offer drunk pedestrians
#16 all the cars try to run you over at all times
#18 offers a low gravity system
#19 makes all the pedestrians hate one another
#20 pedestrians are falling out of nowhere.

Weather based Saints Row 2 cheats

#2400 sets the time to midnight
#1200 sets the time to noon
#78665 (#sunn5) changes the weather to overcast
#78666 (#sunn6) changes the weather to heavy rain
#78668 (#sunn8) changes the weather to light rain
#78669 (#sunny) will clear skies
#666 brings in powerful lightning

Enjoy playing

These are some of the many, cool Saints Row 2 cheats you can start using today. The game is filled with a lot of amazing cheats that really enhance the way you play.

If you want to try out a new way to play and actually receive more control over the game, test out these Saints Row 2 cheats today. They are really interesting and you will be quite amazed with how much they can actually change the game. See also SR: GAT OUT OF HELL

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