Sword Online Rebirth of the Devil will go live

The new version of “Rebirth of the Devil” will be launched on September 3! Treasure gem packs and level 5 magic weapon skill books can be obtained by hitting the boss This version not only has the reborn version of the Burning Devil boss, but also the ever-calling Wu Zun and Feiyu enhancements! There is also a newly launched 500% rebate luxury war order system! In addition, there is also a sign-in to Dragon Welfare activities such as bravery, new pets, white jade holy elephants in new clothes, spend a little time and get billions of rewards~ 

Rebirth of the Devil

The Burning Devil Emperor Reward Upgrade]

Treasure gem packs and level 5 magic weapon skill books can be obtained by hitting the boss! Burning Heaven Devil Emperor must have been defeated by players hundreds of times. It used to be the Burning Heaven Soul Stone, but now, the Devil Emperor has brought something better. After the “Devil Emperor Rebirth” version is online, killing the Burning Heaven Devil will instead drop two Burning Heaven Soul Jade and a large number of rare treasures: rich red envelope, king magic bag, king spirit jade, solar star meteorite, etc. And everyone can pick it up.

Players can take a sufficient number of Burning Heaven Soul Jade and go to Chiyan City’s Ding to redeem: rare magic weapon pack, level 4 and 5 magic weapon skill book! A rare magic weapon bag contains a treasure gem pack (not tied Set), there is a high probability of being opened. In addition, in addition to the Devil Emperor, defeating the Flame Guard also has a chance to drop a level 1~5 magic weapon skill book~

Blessed are players who like to collect pets! Burning Heaven Soul Jade can also exchange for pets: Lava Monster Baby Reminder: The original redemption function of the Burning Heaven Soul Stone is retained, and the way to redeem the Star Star Pill has been added

Trengthen Wuzun and Feiyu! Strengthen! Strengthen

Wu Zun strengthened. The damage of Wu Zun’s sweeping army and the heavenly descending of the gods has been increased, and the release speed of Wu Zun’s descending of the gods has been accelerated Feathers are strengthened. Increased the damage of Flying Feather Golden Crow Pendant and Step Fighting

The new battle order system for Fighting God is online! After the update on September 3, a 70-day season of Fighting God playing Wu Jiuyuan will start. All players will be reset and starting to challenge from the 0th floor. You can receive a large number of corresponding rewards by clearing the corresponding levels of the battle god performance martial arts

Standard battle order, massive rewards for free! Not only can you get rich rewards for every 10 levels cleared, but you can also get through the 60th level: Gourmet Soul PG1-1, Fire Attack 2-2, Blood 40, Permanent Blue Crane Mount (the 100th-floor clearance reward of the original Fighting God performance)!

Enjoy a 500% rebate for the deluxe version! Not only can you collect all the standard version rewards, but you can also get rich rewards and the spirit of the sun: basic attack 2-3, fire attack 4-6, blood 100! A little bit of investment, a little bit of return when you come to the new server, you will get the Kunpeng treasure box. Any player who enters the new server can directly obtain a Kunpeng treasure chest, and continuously obtain corresponding items as the level increases

The white jade icon can be drawn again! You can draw the white jade icon (bound), king’s four-piece set (bound), Chi You Lei bone, cloud brocade silk, 5000 silver tael, Chenxing Dan, mysterious gift package, etc. for the free online present Return to send a new mount: Golden Autumn Wooden Bull! Players who have a return status and have a higher active value can invite another player above level 80 to team up. Must get a new mount: Golden Autumn Wooden Bull, there is also a chance to get the King’s Four-Piece Optional Pack, and the King’s Magic Pack

the first martial arts competitive online game “Sword Online”, based on the “Swords and Demon Records” series of games as the background world view, it relies on the magnificent Chinese mythology and historical background and reproduces the long-standing culture of the ancient East for five thousand years. Into a magical world of dreams. 99 consecutive cuts, unique competitions, unique formations, original performances, three-world tricks, surviving gangs, growth weapons, and exercise healing. The eight gameplays are unique, and the sword points to the world’s heroes! The shape is free to move, offensive and defensive, you can enjoy fighting in every inch. Discerning the tricks, comprehending the essence of competition in a combination of strength and flexibility, is a classic online game that players who like PK online games must never miss.

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