Minecraft block guardian plan opened to protect

In order to further upgrade the protection of minors, ” Minecraft ” is about to launch the “Cube Guardian Project” to jointly guard a green, healthy and high-quality game environment with adventurers. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the Block Guardian Project. After Minecraft Read: Battle Of Golden Showle Launched!



Double upgrade of the anti-addiction system and minor certification

In order to help juvenile adventurers establish healthy gaming habits, in this block guardian plan, “Minecraft” will take the lead in optimizing the anti-addiction system and juvenile adventurer certification.

At present, for underage adventurers who have registered their real names, “Minecraft” implements a daily protection mechanism for logging in. Adventurers who are authenticated by their real names as minors cannot log in to the game between 22:00 pm and 8:00 am the next day. Users who enter the protected login period and are still online will be forced to log off and cannot enter the game on the same day.

On holidays and non-holidays, if you are a juvenile adventurer who has registered with your real name, the daily online duration cannot exceed 1.5 hours on illegal holidays, and cannot exceed 3 hours on legal holidays. Once the specified time is reached, the adventurer will also be forced to offline, and can no longer enter the game that day.

In the follow-up “Minecraft”, the anti-addiction algorithm will be optimized to accurately locate the actual game time of underage adventurers to ensure a healthy daily game time. In addition, “Minecraft” will soon launch a minor facial recognition system to further strengthen the identity authentication of minors. Gaming News: Sword Online Devil’s Rebirth Is On Air

Continue to promote the protection of minors’ consumption

Regarding the protection of underage game consumption, Minecraft has been strictly in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and has adopted different levels of protection measures for adventurers of different ages.

Adventurers under 8 years old (excluding 8 years old) cannot recharge; adventurers between 8 years old and 16 years old (including 8 years old, excluding 16 years old) recharge a single recharge of no more than 50 yuan, and the cumulative monthly amount is not More than 200 yuan; and for adventurers from 16 to 18 years old (including 16 years old, excluding 18 years old), the single recharge does not exceed 100 yuan, and the accumulated monthly amount does not exceed 400 yuan.

In the game, if the adventurer’s cumulative recharge for the month exceeds the cumulative limit of his age group, the system will pop up a prompt box to inform the termination of recharge. However, for minor adventurers under 8 years old (excluding 8 years old), any recharge behavior will trigger the protection mechanism of the system, and a prompt box will pop up in time to notify the termination of the recharge behavior.

If an adventurer with a real-name account is monitored for recharging, a pop-up window will pop up to inform the termination of the recharge, and guide the adventurer to register with the real name to successfully remove the recharge limit. SFR Gaming: The Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue 

Work with more partners to deliver positive energy to adventurers

For a long time, “Minecraft” has used the form of entertaining and entertaining to carry out science popularization for all players, and has started cooperation with many positive organizations to launch positive energy gameplay. In the cube world, adventurers can not only travel around great rivers and mountains and appreciate the charm of traditional culture, they can also participate in knowledge questions and answers, and learn knowledge about epidemic prevention and network security.

In the recently launched Pixel Watch server, the classic map of the past cooperation between “Minecraft” and famous places is condensed, including not only the West Lake and Wetlands but also the eight ancient villages Through the novel game experience, the bond between young people and traditional Chinese culture is formed. Last year, “Minecraft” actively responded to the call of the Guangdong Provincial Cyberspace Administration, and especially launched the [Network Security Propaganda Science] gameplay, allowing adventurers to return to the familiar campus environment to learn network security knowledge and enhance their awareness of network security precautions. In the future, “Minecraft” will start cooperation with more positive energy partners to deliver positive value to all adventurers and make the cube world more exciting.

The Cube Guardian program has been launched. “Minecraft” will help minors to grow up healthily in the game from various aspects such as system regulations, technical guarantees, consumer protection, and partners, and create green, healthy, and high-quality games for all adventurers. environment.

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